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Pretty sure "20th century in the future" beats "high tech jihad" any day

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>Oh, sorry, I was talking about Jericho not this... Jerico thing.
I can see why you might be confused as to how I didn't find that post using Ctrl+F seeing as you're A FUCKING MORON.
>A hey hey hey, I'll be here all week son.

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Now you're just trying to make me mad.

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I'm not
but he's fucking right. You "guys" are retarded.

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> it just makes a bookkeeping chore when you might be engaged in roleplaying
>That... honestly sounds like it'd be hard to track properly
> it sounds kinda generic
>Also I'm still not sold on the thought of only being able to progress when you fail rolls. Or more disturbingly, the thought of LOOSING ALL YOUR EXPERIENCE ON ONE BAD DICE ROLL. Seriously, that just seems like a balancing issue waiting to explode.
>That's really clunky, and not terribly intuitive.
>I know I would try to abuse the FUCK out of that (fail and get better!) system.
>What I don't understand is why you ONLY get xp on failed rolls.
>You can't really ignore a logical extension of the system mechanics just because it doesn't mesh clearly with your idea of the game's theme
> never said two shits that were constructive

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