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And then there's the dumbshit nuArt where it's star wars blasters.

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I'll obviously buy the book upfront and scan them if you guys are game.

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An entire Craftworld turns up on the doorstep of the Tau homeworld, cheerfully declaring they'd like to join the Greater Good, but we can't give you our technology because "it's all psychic, sorry, and you can't use that, sure, feel free to verify.".

What happens?

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What if there was a planet where Blood Axe Orks had uplifted feral humans into a civilized society just for the purpose of getting a tithe of soldiers to fight every decade or so?

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You strike in hard and fast, but Tito dodges under your swung slugga and the blocks your klaw with his remaining arm. He's not prepared for the Eadbutt though, secret finishing move of the ancient art of Ork Win Do that it is. As he stumbles back you grab his head and squeeze until a headless corpse drops to the floor and you hand is full of liquid.

Triumphant at last you throw back you head and bellow, "WAAAAAAGH!!!"

You have taken the Uge Kannon, roll a D11
>[]Order the humie crew to shoot the gate
>[]Take command, Orks shoot Gate.

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The pawn.

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The Waaagh effect.

How does it work, exactly?

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I feel people vastly underestimate how good WS and BS3 are in comparison to real life. Yes, compared to the bast majority of 40k, they suck. Why do we feel this? Well, because marines have a better ws and bs and they are the standard, however, I want to emphasize that WS and BS3 are those of a trained professional soldier. For a reference, Im pretty sure in 40k terms most of us would be BS and WS1. Oh you had some karate or something? WS2. Of you've been out shooting since you were a kid? BS2.

Even US Marines would probably be BS/WS3, only shit like Seals and Rangers would be WS or BS4.

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Here I applied one of the more useful techniques in my repertoire, a special attack I call the "Screaming Bayonet Charge". By simply halfswording and sprinting, I became a scary, pointy metal battering ram. In this way, I dispatched the second foe, a spearman. The two carriers hurriedly dropped their package with a thud, as I removed my sword and drew it across their sling carrier, who could not attack at such a close range. The other two quickly dashed a bit aways, and started attacking with slings, using small stones probably meant to maim an opponent rather than kill. Nonetheless, they hurt, and forced me to blindly charge one. I outmaneuvered him around a tree.

The last one, now, was quiet. Fighting openly is one matter, but with a surprise, even a scrawny urchin can overpower the most heavily armored vanguard with a well aimed knife.
Suddenly, the forest felt as silent as the abyss.

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And Humanity overcomes.

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i saw a video somewhere about a conversion for that apart from that it still looks pretty good value for money though i will though thanks

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Hey guys, if you have any questions or comments, please post them, if only because I really don't want to feel like I'm posting in an empty thread.

Also if I'm a tad slow, it's because I'm handling stuff in the games themselves at the moment.

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Keep it up there. Come and get it!

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Only War isn't out yet, but I'd like to run a Imperial Guardsman game. Either Doom 3 inspired (ship's null generator glitches, causing a trickle of the Warp to come in) or Aliens (company/companies are sent to re-take a recently appeared ship that has gone silent).

Ideas? Any fan supplements I could use so everyone just isn't playing the same career? I was thinking the PCs would be the platoons command squad, and the 2nd Lt would have two NPC squads to command, represented as Magnitude 10 Hordes.

Fluff/inspiration? Anything? I doubt I can actually do survival horror very well.

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So, I'm a writefag, /tg/. And I have some writer's block. So I'm willing to do like, one or two post-long blurbs about Guardsmen telling stories about how they did AWESUMZ SAUCE GAMES.

Be it that you want me to write what happened when some lone guardsmen with a melta gun held off a Tervigon on an objective, or just what the Guardsmen think when they see Angron enter the battlefield- heralded by two Warlord titans.

Or some shit. Gimme ideas, I have writer's block.

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Hey, I'm alive!

Fuck logic, fuck character development, fuck plot-telling, fuck the enemies of the God Emperor. Just point me at them and roll 1d100 for my success of killing them.

Nat 100 means flawless execution, Nat 1 means I'm dead.

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>30 people who actually play on this forum
30 is a pretty liberal estimate
also INB4 'image board not forum'

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In a Grimdark universe full of xeno-scum and superhuman deamons dedicated to beating you to death with your own broken spine the average mortal Imperial Guardsman doesn't have a massive life expectancy.

Brave as they may be, they die in their millions and even billions. They die under exotic alien guns, they die under swarms of claws, talons and teeth. They die holding the line, they die standing.

This thread is not about those men. This thread is about those crazy motherfuckers that decide "Fuck THAT" and take matters into their own hands, surviving against all odds and beating the alien, the mutant and the heretic bloody with their gigantic ceramite balls.

If you have any stories about a couple of guardsmen acheiving way more than you could ever have expected, post em here. Bonus points to mad dog lone survivors.

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