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My DM won't let me play as a female character.

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Hey asshole, many hours ago when I wrote that, I had only just got here.

No, Robin Hood is an English myth about a group of people who ran the gamut from pretty bad to really fucken bad- since these people weren't crusaders with a cause, they were just common or garden muggers with no preferred target and a strong desire to eat rather than starve; but I say that they ran the gamut into really fucken bad because I'm sure that as well as wanting to eat, there were ye olde muggers among them who wouldn't turn down a skirt if they caught one.

If Robin Hood had been real, well, I don't recall him doing anything quite as lawful evil as the OP's character, fucking noblewomen in order to punish their families on the back of a sense of justice wildly perverted by anger.

I'd probably have thought quite well of a man who robbed from aristocrats without actually killing them, and who shared the booty with local hovels.

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>DM: ok whats the plan
>we ignore the minions and go straight after the boss with our dailies.

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>blacks in fantasy

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So now the DE rival the Orks and Imperium in numbers... Yeah, I stand by my original comment.

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