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I am less bothered by quasi animal faggots, but I will at least readily admit that Arrancar's cool factor is HIGHLY variable after transforming. Some of them look pretty alright, and others look really fucking stupid.
I am also super less bothered by the partial mask thing. I think a little fashionable asymmetry can look very good.

However, I'll agree with you on the potential part. If you got the Vizards some good looking uniforms or otherwise dressed them up to actually match with their masks, they'd probably blow the Arrancar out of the water.
Sadly that is really not what happens in the series itself. But at least Jumper can have superior fashion sense.

Yeah, that sounds like what'd happen. So there'd probably be a whole new line of big boobed yugioh cards just for Issei, but the rest of the game would largely remain unaffected.
I mean, other than the fact that, because of Issei's powerset, Big Boob cards would end up being ridiculously powerful.

Every so often I look at this series and for half an instant I suddenly feel I understand exactly why HeavensAnon abandoned it. I feel that madness overtaking me, and I recoil in horror, swearing to myself once again that I will not walk the path he trod.
This is one of those times.

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> What did you do in Xiaolin Showdown?
Crashed on Jack Spicer's basement couch. Bullied Jack Spicer.
Remained generally supportive of Jack Spicer, even when the rest of the cast really moved past him as being a threat.

His mom is nice.

Also tried to just straight up murder Chase Young a couple times, but wasn't quiiite strong enough to do that yet. We were kindof even, though! Y'know, if I actually tried.
I hate trying, though.

> tfw I already use retro memes now
Wow, I was probably wildly uncool back in Shadowrun. My memes must have been ancient.

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That's nice. I got strapped to a rack and had a Balor getting ready to carve my scales off with a potato peeler while I babbled a lot of promises I probably shouldn't have been making. So we both have a story!

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As someone who has taken classes for and worked in a hospital, this is physically painful for me to look at.

It's like, I can't even tell you what's wrong with this picture without going off on some rant that'd seem so banal and insignificant compared to the greater whole of this everything. I recognize this. And it's still pissing me off.
Is... is this what they call 'autistic rage'?

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> Start talking about Beauty and the Beast in IRC
> Mention how shit Beast looks as a human
> He's so generic and doofy!
> The other Disney Princes look way better
> Say, "Beast should grow a big bushy beard. Like a viking beard. Then he'd look way cooler."
> "I want a Disney Prince that looks like he can still rip a tree out of the earth, even as a human."
> "Give me Viking Prince. That's the prince I want."
> See this


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Veering off in another direction since I don't waifu (or husbando) any of my Pokemon, but I picked up a Hypno just because of their kidnapper-esque pokedex entries and because I have a weird sense of humor.

Did any other jumpers pick up some Pokemon just because of their Pokedex entries?
Hard Mode: Not Gardevoir.

>meaning that if you ever achieved SSJB on top of that you could crush Beerus like a child
> tfw I took Saiyan in original Dragon Ball, got God Ki in Z, and in AF took Ridiculous Power
> but I never learned how to go Super Saiyan because I can't get angry enough
> mfw if/when we ever get a Super jump, Beerus is going to look at Goku, then look at me and do this squinty eye thing where he starts to put two and two together

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> One of the drawbacks could be everything looks like it was drawn this way.
There isn't enough CP in the world.

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> Yugioh Jump
> Landed in Duel Academy
> Kaiba launches a satellite into space just so it can carry his Blue Eyes White Dragon
> Suddenly there's a meteor coming to destroy all life on earth...?
> And everyone... combines to turn into a dinosaur to stop it...?
> This was my third jump.

Hearing the plot synopsis for this show was the weirdest fucking thing I've ever seen, and I watched Inukami. That was my SECOND jump.

> Standing in the room while everyone is talking about this plan.
> Suddenly raise hands, declare, "Fuck it, I'm out."
> Walk out of the room.
> Do not get involved for the rest of the plot.

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> open to scenario and drawback ideas
I want a scenario/drawback where the Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa, likes you. And to express this affection, she cooks for you. All the time.

Her cooking skills are abyssmal. Her food is spoken of in hushed tones and euphemisms. It is the stuff of war crimes. It bypasses perks.

If you ever tell her the truth about her food, or refuse to eat it for any reason -- even if you've evolved beyond the need of food, she will cry. All other characters, while completely understanding, will still be extremely disappointed in you for the rest of your stay. And talk about it and put you down constantly. Because you made the Supreme Kai of Time cry.

But. If you somehow make it through the jump without ever letting her know how absolutely terrible her cooking is or making her cry, she will teach you her secret cooking technique, which will allow you to inflict this pain on others.

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You are a madman. What the hell would possess you to do or even consider this.

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Y'know sometimes I think the people in the Yugioh world are too obsessed with card games.
I look at my rival who I picked up from the same jump, and think she must be have really weird obsessions.

And then people tell me shit that Kaiba's done, and I think, "Holy shit, she's totally normal."
I bet that's her fucking go-to. Like, anytime someone gives her shit about her love of card games and board games and shit like that, she just brings up Kaiba. "You think I'm obsessed? Fuck you. Let me tell you about this guy named Kaiba."


So what'd you do in Yugioh, anyway, /jc/?

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> Finally decide to redo my Naruto build, in order to prune some companions
> This means taking advantage of the free imports
> Lookat drawbacks
> "Dysfunction Junction: You and your team... don't really get along."
> If one genin takes it, they all have to.
> Decide that, nah, I don't wanna take that if I'm importing my own companions.
> But in this jump, companions can also take drawbacks.
> Realize one of those companions would ABSOLUTELY take that drawback.
> For just a moment, feel an absurd desire to call that companion a dipshit.
> Realize this is what I put my companions through all the fucking time.

Huh. So this is what it feels like.

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Christ, all I need now is a way to become permanently intangible (just phasing doesn't count) and float around and I'm set.

... wait, I went Half-Ghost in Danny Phantom.

You know, the old Zelda jump would allow me to meet the Wind Fish ...
... I'm not actually going to do this.

> And mice are fine, just watch out for the rats. Some of 'em are created out of voidstuff by teh Marked.
Oh pish posh. That's what makes them so good! It adds a bit of spice of entropy, you know?
Also, I'm doing the city a favor, getting rid of them and all.

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> 90s
Excuse me, I grew up in the 90s and that is firmly 80s.
That's, like, some Popples tier shit.

If you want 90s, you're gonna need more lightning bolts and sunglasses, and Marco needs to be wearing a backwards baseball cap to show he's cool.

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> Age: ????
> Location: Valley of Screams [Rolled5]
> Origin: Bount [-100CP]
> Potential Maximization [-200CP]
> Silver Tongued Jin [Get a Freebie!]
> Soul Eater [-200CP]
> Bount Crest [-300CP]
> Weird Science [-200CP]
> Companion: Yoshino Soma [Get a Freebie!]
> A Way Out: Iron Seal [Get a Freebie!]
> Portal [Get a Freebie!]
> Tite Clothing [Get a Freebie!]
> Hell Butterfly [Get a Freebie!]
> Meta-Console [-100CP]
> Bount Mansion [Get a Freebie!]
> Mysterious Blueprints [-200CP]
> Ten More Years! [+100CP]
> Normal Friends [+200CP]

Farewell, my Fullbring powers. I shall miss you.
I actually really like the Fullbringers. They had neat personalities and quirky lateral thinking type powers, and they've got the whole underdog thing going for them both from a power levels and story perspective. They're my favorite filler villains.
It's just too bad they're not actually filler.

But I digress. The powers list here for Fullbringers are not great, and I've already been a Hollow, and I'll chew off my right arm before I become a Quincy or a Soul Reaper, so we're doing this.
Actual filler villains are go!
We're doin it!

So, hey, did you know that dolls are supposed to be equivalent to a soul reaper's sword? Like, their manifestation of power and how it relates to the owner is the same. At least, that's what the wiki says. Of course, that was stated before the asauchi were revealed to be a thing.

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> What were your Saiyajin Names?
> oh god I am not good at names
> Saiyans are all named after vegetables right?
> oh god oh god
> I'll just look up some vegetables.
> And some of them are actually rearrangements of the syllables in Japanese?
> That's way too complicated!
> oh god oh god oh god

... Kale.
I'm gonna say I was Kale.

That... that sounds like a girl saiyan's name, right?
Although, given the Japanese dialect, it probably came out more like "Karru".
So my name was Karru.

I bet my companions all thought I was named Karren. And I never corrected them.

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1) That's not how hair works. I refuse to accept this.
Because that'd mean no Saiyan should have hair at all?
Although the idea of a Saiyan accidentally getting shaved bald or something and being stuck that way forever is kindof funny.
2) If you want to imagine me using science to create a hair growth formula and trying to get Vegeta to use it and him adamantly refusing, that's fine, too.
In fact I'm pretty sure that is exactly how that shit would go down.

> Come on.
> No.
> Please?
> No.
> Look, I tested it on myself already, it's totally safe?

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> You can also take Blood as a possible magic specialization with "Got The Magic Touch"
I should specify that comes from Asura Cryin. Somehow that got axed in one of my edits to cut the post down enough to fit into a single post.

Oh, and while I'm mentioning Bloody Magical, I can also mention Legacy Lived, from Assassin's Creed, which enables you to both receive and give knowledge and skill through blood transfusion. That synergizes well with Bloody Curse from Valkyrie Profile, which allows you to use blood as a (somewhat impractical) source of power leveling.
Combining that with the Life Gem from Skullgirls, me and Nadia Fortune swapped pinkie fingers, and now we're constantly giving each other powerups.
So that's pretty cool, I guess?
Nadia knows everything I know, although it sometimes takes her awhile to find something in that huge jumble of crazyass knowledge.
And in exchange, I'm constantly gaining metaphorical experience points, as a dismal rate of exchange.


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That Isabelle is so adorable. It always makes me smile.

... shit, I always forget that, ever since the Animal Crossing revision, she's a companion now! That's because I wanted the Shopkeeper perks, but I also really wanted Isabelle as my assistant, because she's adorable! And the only way I could do that was by buying her as a companion!
This is awful! I can't let Isabelle know what a horrible vacillating crazy bitchqueen of a jumper I am! I'll have to hide it! HIDE IT FOREVER.
From now on, Isabelle will just have to only come out during the six month vacation time I get at the end of every month, and the rest of the time she goes in the Swapped Out Companion Void.

> any themes
Oh, and... like... I dunno, maybe cute things and computers and videogames Determination?
Honestly I'm inconsistent enough that it'd take too long to list them all.

> extra rules
Well, I made up all those rules about Drawback Companions, so those are a thing. Because I certainly have quite a few of those.
In fact, I have enough Drawback Companions that they slightly outnumber my active regular companions! I think I've got, like, maybe nine of them.

What the hell am I doing with my life.

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Don't you dare tease me with this.

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> Looking over Grim Adventures Jump
> "Hm. Y'know, I don't really want or have a use for this Hybrid capstone. I guess I could just take the Golden Apple instead."
> "But that leaves me with 150CP."
> "What could... I..."
> Billy and Mandy [100]
> The Grim Reaper [100] (Discount if you took Billy and Mandy)
> [100] (Discount if you took Billy and Mandy)
> (Discount if you took Billy and Mandy)

I need someone to explain to me why this is a bad idea.

Moogles from FF6 are pretty cute, but I like FF12 moogles the best.

When I first saw the little wizard moogle that acts as a taxi service by the south gate of Rabinastre, I was so captivated by how cute it was, I stopped everything and just stared at it for like ten straight minutes. Just, like, trying to zoom in as close as possible while saying things like "oh my god" and incomprehensible squeaking noises. It's probably the most purely autistic thing I've ever done.

I like to think when I went to the actual jump I had a similar moment and weirded everyone right the fuck out, despite being a moogle myself at the time.

He IS a badass, anon. Mog can tear shit up and break it down.

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So, let's see here.
I've got an Ar Tonelico tower warehouse attachment, with multiple Orgels of Origins -- basically white hole generators. I also took "The Great Legacy" from Mysterious Cities of Gold, which is basically a portable solar fusion reactor.
The Incredibles has given me Nomanisan Island, which is a working volcano island warehouse attachment, and the Core Blueprints from Undertale allows creation of a powerful geothermal power plant that I can jack into said island.
God of War has Titanic Sanctuary, which allows me to rearrange my warehouse and it's attachments as needed.
All hooked up to my Warehouse's electricity utility add-on that I bought way back in the original Warehouse supplement.

So, question.
What are some things to do with basically unlimited electrical energy? I'm pretty sure I can power a planet by myself at this point, and I'm actually at a loss for what to do with this.

Followup, alternative question: How do I go MORE POWER?

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> Tatyana [+300CP]

> This may not be the wisest course of action

> This may not be the wisest course of action

> This may not be the wisest course of action



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