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Oh. Okay, fair enough. I've always wanted to do a SoB + BT army... But I've decided to make it SoB + Red Scorpions. Shame Red Scorpions hate everybody. I'd love to have IG's with them.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Basically, Forge World had a Facebook page where they answered rules questions and shit. For example, remember when the R'varna Riptide came out? It had a weapon with "Plasma" or something in the name and the Ethereal have Storm of Fire or Hail of Fire or some specifal rule that allows them to shoot another shot. So nobody knew if you could use it on it, so I asked and they made a post going "Storm of Fire (or whatever it's called) only works on Plasma weapons listed in the Tau Codex Armoury"

So I asked "Why do the Red Scorpions now hate Pyskers when they have Servin Loth? Also does this mean SoB and Red Scorpions like each other?"

And he just answered "Yeah, he worked hard to earn that position" or something daft.

The page is gone now,..... Went after the website change.

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I'm not sure if that one has any rights to be a in a SoB picture dump

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I think you need to have gray hair.

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Lately we’ve had a lot of emails and questions at events about the changing policy on submitting your writing to Black Library, and in particular what format submissions will take in future. We’ve talked a little bit about this, but in advance of the ‘Writing for BL’ panel at the upcoming Weekender event, here are a few updates.

Firstly, the editors have now finished going through the massive heap of submissions from back in 2012. With more than three thousand individual stories, it was always going to take a while... but we have now contacted everyone whose work we are interested in. If you didn’t hear back from us this time, don’t let that discourage you – take it as an opportunity to raise your game and make your next submission even better and more exciting!

And when, you may ask, will be the next chance to submit your work to BL?

For the last three years, we have had Laurie Goulding acting as a dedicated Submissions Editor. Going forwards, any of our commissioning editors might call a short story submissions window at any time, and this will usually be themed around a specific topic, army or race. We might, for example, ask for stories about Second Founding Space Marine Chapters, or stories specifically focused on a particular war or campaign, or maybe even dealing with a particularly renowned hero of the Warhammer world. The dates for each window will be announced in advance, and submissions taken only during that time. As before, we will only be able to reply to successful applicants.

Alternatively, at many of our events we will be taking the opportunity to invite fans to submit their writing to us – in fact, those lucky Gold Ticket holders at the Weekender in November will be attending a bespoke, all-day writing academy, run by the BL editors and featuring some of our best known authors as special guests. Future event-specific submissions will also be announced well in advance, alongside our usual writing advice panel.

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I've not actually seen direct dev confirmation they will be done. However, I have already understood that rumours have existed for a long while. It has always been a problem with getting the details on the SoB models. The thing is, I fear that what was once started has been cancelled for one reason or another. I've had 'water-cooler' information, personally, from Nottingham HQ employee who says they've been put on permanent hiatus for now. With GW interested in getting female players into the game, new female players, and think that releasing female IG models will do that. Hence why nothing has happened.

I know they were mentioned in the Imperial Army powers, but they were also mentioned in the 6th Edition rulebook. Yet they are missing from every single major update to 40k in terms of actual rules. As in they might be mentioned along side something, but they never get their own entry. Why not? The next 'update' for those books would be for 7th, so unless SoB are being delayed till 2017, that makes no sense.

Also, the ONLY stuff I've got that they are not dead is the fact that GW replied to an email which asked why they had not put the WD PDF on the website and it was basically "Waiting till development team get back to us" but that was last year. The other bit was GW guys mentioning that they were scouring DeviantArt for artists who could apply to do SoB artwork. Plus the SoB novels.... Which were supposed to be out a long time ago. All I can assume is it's delayed UNTIL SoB are ready.

I could only find one Faeit page of SoB from July.

Furthermore, The Fallen getting a supplement? Awesome. Tau Empire supplement? Awesome.

I love your dedication to the cause Sist---Brother, but I am not one to believe in rumours... Though 40k ones are usually more reliable than WHFB ones. Anyway, if it's true, cool, if not, well nothing changes.

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what about a archangel or bigger living saint

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You mean the trefoil, or the fleur-de-lis? It's a stylized lily or iris commonly used in French heraldry, and has been used on Sororitas armor since their inception.

It's also a common symbol in modern usage, including as the symbol of the New Orleans Saints and part of the Boy Scout emblem.

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Hammer of the Emperor you say?

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It's not 40K, it's not grimdark, so it's not for /tg/.

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>major hobby was anime, start painting resin statues, like warhammer 40k games so i decided to star getting into miniature painting, painting tanks and little buttchin macho dudes, think i might be getting into a potentially more manly hobby people can't bitch about when seeing my painted works

>start going to /tg/, threads like this fuck ya, get urge to start getting female minis to work on, find out you can get a bunch of little nudes, considering getting some and maybe working on SoB or Eldaar

>full circle

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Rescue orphans, train them and show them affection.
Lead your invincible army against any and all that oppose you.
The cutest and most loyal shall be your honor guard.
You are the Emprah!

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So are the Sororitas allowed to have relationships with other people or are they no fun allowed none purer like the astartes?

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what about a guardsman and a sister of battle?

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So, the sororitas are nothing like this right? they are not cute girls, but monsters that will rip my guts out right?

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So I like to think I am a decent Dawn of War player, I use the imperial guard. I played the fuck out of Dark Crusade and got my hands on Soulstorm and I wanted to see the sororitas.

What kind of mary sues are they in this godamn game?

They have some strange mechas that can take a lot of damage from the sentinels and their special unit revived after I killed it

What the shit?

Oh and if it wasn't enough, in the first cinematic, Lukas Alexander is killed. What the double shit

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