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Rolled 573


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-Ship Component

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And I though that this was dead...

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>When I see your pic, I see wasted potential.
>When I see this pic >>20879874 I see realized potential.

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Ah right, the ol' Catch-22. If it's a woman in skimpy clothes, it's to give men a boner. If it's a man in skimpy clothes, it's a male power fantasy. There's no winning for women, because they have no sexualities.

One of my best friends is a ca/tg/irl who's into the musclehead barbarians in speedos trope and finds is hot as fuck. The assumption that women only get turned on by limp-wristed yaoibait makes her more butthurt than the average fa/tg/uy in an unrealistic armor thread.

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Comparing vidya and TT...

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Hey /tg/,

I'm trying to refind those tools that were being spammed here about a week ago. Its supposed to be some d20 tabletop tools that are entirely web based. I sent the link to my DM to look at (we use d20pro, but its always good to look at alternatives), but he never looked and I forgot the name.

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>rape factory

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How did you "accidently" buy them? You must want to be asked that questions since you brought it up.

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>Kabal of the Heaven Sign
>Kabal of the Master Spark

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>"Oh, by the way, give me a Health roll."

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OH BOY, HERE WE GO! Horse archers suck donkey cock and are horribly over-rated.

Alexander the Great demonstrated this at the Battle of Jaxartes, where his army murdered the unholy fuck out of horse archers. First, he crossed a river, while under fire - using siege engines to put down suppressive fire to cover his crossing. Then, with his army formed into your standard line formation, he let the horse archers try to charge in and do their arrowtroll technique, at which point he ordered his light cavalry (basically light lancers) forward to engage them.

And thus was the weakness of horse archers revealed - while the mounted archers were busy fighting the light lancers, Alexander's light infantry simply encircled them, and by the time the enemy realized what was up, they were royally humped. Once horse archers engage enemy infantry, their position is relatively fixed and they're quite vulnerable to being flanked.

The Mongols were a FUCKING EMPIRE with huge, professional armies organized much like modern armies are, drawing on the resources of a vast empire - much like Rome. Of course the fucked up everybody's shit. It had little to do with horse archery.

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"Budnick, watch ahead of us!" I run back and hit the little fucker in the ankles... side of the board first, with a upswing to try to trip him.. if that works... i bring it down on his neck as hard as I can, with the side of the deck.

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>actually, 99% of "ninja" were half-skilled peasants


Before you say ONE FUCKING THING MORE about ninjas, SPECIFY THE FUCKING TIME PERIOD. Because, you know, SHIT CHANGES. There was a pretty lawless period where "ninja" was just another name for "thieving murdering fucking highwayman," which was unsurprising because even when ninjas were legit "special forces," all the sneaky behind-the-lines shit they did was DISHONORABLE SHAMEFRUR DISPRAY, so the word "ninja" didn't have the best connotations in polite company to begin with.

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It's thermonuclear weapons all over again; the same MAD consequences which keep Warships on the chain. And besides that... as I pointed out before, every economic and strategic factor that hampered battleships comes into play here....

Real-world battleships took five to eight years to build, had crews of a thousand men or more, wielded massive firepower and became icons of national pride and prestige. Even before aircraft became a Thing, the massive power of such weapons were strangely hampered simply by the risks inherent in committing them. With that much money, manpower, resources and national morale tied up in them, commanders became extremely reluctant to commit them - leading to the entire concept of a "fleet in being," which officially codified the idea that battleships were ten times more useful as a threat then as an actual deployed weapon.

Battleships (and Warships, by allegorical extension) are worth the price, strictly speaking. All that investment buys you a ship that can easily rape the hell out of its equivalent tonnage in lighter warships by dint of its Big Guns, which provide a crushing standoff advantage (which speaks louder then pure damage/throw-weight,) and of course survivability; with the armor those beasts carried they absorb massive damage and keep on fighting with close to full efficiency.

And when Everything Went Right, and there were no pesky aircraft or anything to spoil the slug-fest set-piece battles the Admirals so longed for... they got exactly what they wanted. The purest expression of man's genius, endeavor, and thirst for pure destructive domination ever to occur.

It was the Battle of Jutland, and the horrific toll in men and machines was so great that neither side dared venture it again, for the duration of that war.

So tl;dr don't sweat warships. That's a problem that solves itself, eventually... and in fact already has in the canon.

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oh fuck.. here comes DLFG..
Its like blowing a dog whistle but the one you just blew was at a frequency only Autists can hear.

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