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So what did everyone think of that one?

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Hey there!

Oh I love it! I might have to tone it down a little bit, but I do love the theme of the weapon. I'm sure I can come up with a backstory for it. Something about a weapon gifted to a king from the church of pelor, the intent of it being that it would be useful when needed, but couldn't be abuse. Just a rough idea.

Great idea! I might also tie it to a weapon's crit range + multiplier too.

That story is amazing! Definitely going to include it in somehow.

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Hey /tg/, I have one hell of a challenge for you, because i'm hitting a bit or writer's block.

Basically, one of our gaming group members is having to drop out of college and head home for about 6 months due to family issues, and as he'll have nothing tabletop oriented to do when he's home we're having a last hurrah one-shot game that I'm running. The game is, at its core, a stereotypical buddy cop game with two of our players being the loose cannon cop on the edge, who goes on vacation tomorrow (in-game), and the other being the incredibly talented yet horribly inexperienced rookie. Their police chief is the beligerent asshole boss that yells at the PCs for any minor problem, but deep down is honored to have such capable men under his command. You know, the whole nine yards.

Now, here's where it gets insane. We're playing in Exalted, with the PCs being Sidereal Exalted with 80 bonus points. For those who aren't exalted players, basically if a starting exalt is a level 20 D&D character, these guys are probably around level 35+. And as Sidereals, they're the guys that can punch you so hard that you turn into a duck, and are tasked with making sure Fate keeps its course and doesn't get fucked by creatures from beyond, including the gods. Basically, they're the Heavenly Police Force tasked with policing the gods' activities, and in Exalted, there are a fuckload of them.

And here's the challenge, /tg/. I have no idea what I should make the session's plot revolve around. Any ideas would be appreciated, either to be taken/tweaked or to inspire me to write my own. Any help would be appreciated, and since the game probably won't have much fluff-consistency with core Exalted, if you have no idea what Exalted is then don't fret and shoot your idea in my direction anyway.

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