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A while back, we were talking about the Kinebrach and their blades, and how they related to the Interex and their sagittars. I decided to try and expand on that idea, especially since we don’t have much on the Interex in the first place.


I was having a hard time balancing the sagittars to not make them seem useless while at the same time justifying why the whole Imperium doesn’t just train everyone who can't become an Astartes as sagittar pilots. In canon, sagittars are said to be almost the equal of Space Marines, with sagittars in Horus Rising able to kill several Space Marines when fighting breaks out, which puts them in the same ballpark as Aspect Warriors or Mont'Kau battlesuits.

I was trying to aim for something like the Catachan Jungle Fighters or the battlesuits of the Tau, a unique method of fighting that certain planets or member civilizations swear by, but for various reasons just aren’t super common. The idea to justify this was despite their effectiveness, sagittars are still cavalry or cavalry-infantry hybrids at best, and so they don’t have a ton of niches in the Imperial Army.

Whereas Space Marines perform better than similar types of soldiers in sheer power and durability, and Aspect Warriors do the same in agility and dexterity, sagittars outperform the other types of elite soldiers in their overall mobility. They’re also kind of like the Mont’kau in that they’re more replaceable than Aspect Warriors or Space Marines, but whereas Mont’kau suits are specialized for defense and tanking damage, sagittars are more for fast attack. They’re kind of like halfway between Mont’kau and Aspect Warriors, with the agility replaced with mobility.

For those of you wondering what sagittars are supposed to look like in canon, they are basically described as hoplites with metal instead of horsehair crests on top of Big Dog-esque mechanical steeds

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