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Exquisite. Love the mask.

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For the same reason people like Pinky. Yandere sadism is hot.

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>Pinky wants in

Remember her being in the crowd of fans when we got here? Yeah.

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We're gonna be famous! Famous for LEWD!

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pic got eaten
>"I've read that Diyans are part of the Underworld, but it's shit down there. Why not just let them settle on Lancastle and have a truce?"

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You know you love this kind of thing.

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>>Those titles
>>Those names
>>Faust did this I just know it.

It would be awesome if it were true.

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I was looking at Chan-co's art, the japanese artist that drew the original Chikuwa pic, looking for more stuff that could be traced and adapted to MGNQ.

I found a drawing of a girl from Soul Hackers that had a good expression and reminded me of Pinky, so I cooked this up.

The face is traced. The rest is my usual laziness.

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