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couple questions about pic related

my understanding is that if I damnation with him present, am I correct in his effect exiling everything else and I end up with a bunch of zombies, or does everything just die? My understanding is for something like that, it essentially replaces "creature dies" with "exile and I get zombie" on everything but my creatures

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>thread question
They see me as a threat, no matter what deck I play, or what stage of the game. Sometimes their decision making gets paralyzed by fear of what answers I may have, sometimes they try to take me out at all costs (like, leaving themselves wide open in a 6 man game every single turn, using everything they have on me). My decks aren't even that good, they just have cohesion.

It's kinda funny how the deck I put the most time and effort into has been performing worse than some of the ones I threw together with minimal effort.

Pic is my main squeeze right now, the deck sorely needs cabal coffers, other that that and some other goodstuffs, It runs fabulously

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It's a pretty okay Midrange list.
I have an issue with the almost irrelevant Blue splash. You don't even need Scarab God e Champion of Wits. I would probably go down those to ditch those taplands and get in Wanderers and maybe a Vehicles? Skysoverign, Harvester?

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Fuck this Cancer card.
It does everything, you need no skills, only kill spells.

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sorry sweetie

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With a better mono B general

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>"If the infraction falls into one of the following categories, and only into that category, perform
the fix specified unless a simple backup is possible:"
>stuff like discarding a wrong amount or a creature not dying to state based actions
>"If an object is in an incorrect zone either due to a required zone change being missed or
due to being put into the wrong zone during a zone change, the identity of the object was
known to all players, and it can be moved with only minor disruption to the state of the
game, put the object in the correct zone."
This is how you fix Anafenza the Foremost
>"Otherwise, a backup may be considered or the game state may be left as is."
Kalitas creating a zombie is not minor disruption because it creates a creature. If you created the 2/2 and the creature wasn't exiled, that is only minor disruption.
>"For most Game Play Errors not caught within a time that a player could reasonably be expected
to notice, opponents receive a Game Play Error — Failure to Maintain Game State penalty. If the
judge believes that both players were responsible for a Game Rule Violation, such as due to the
existence of replacement effects or a player taking action based on another players instruction,
both players receive a Game Play Error — Game Rule Violation. "

I've talked to multiple judges about this. The 2/2 is considered disruption. Back up if you can, if you can't, leave the creature in the yard and play on. Judge's discretion of what can and can't be backed up.

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why does this fucker exile the creatures it zombifies

i'm complaining because i want to run him as a commander, but he shuts down any creature death strategies in such an unfun way that i don't want to. also all the fun stuff like sangromancer and grave betrayal don't work because of the exile clause and that sucks too

also that 18 dollar price tag wtf

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Vampire Tribal with some Stax reporting in.

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What do you think about him?

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>kalitas is a 3/4
>anger of the gods deals 3 damage
kalitas survives that, yes you get the tokens

>if he has taken damage or had a p/t reduction this turn
you control both Anger and Kalitas, so you stack the triggers/replacement effect for 'this goes to exile'. simply put Kalitas' on top so that you get the zombies
yes, you get the tokens unless you don't want to

top tip: kalitas can boost his own toughness by eating zombies or vampires, this can help him survive

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Is it possible to make this deck decent in modern?
It's fun af and I'd hate to not be able to use it anymore

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Anyone else like standard so far? I mean, sure there's not TOO much variety, and bant coco is cancerous, but with temur emerge, u/b zombies, grixis, jund, and the others I forgot, it seems better than just racing for meme rhino or making dumb 4 color decks

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Forgot image

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So I was really digging the grixis control that oliver tiu played. Problem is, I can't throw out money for Jace, kalitas and the like. Is there a way to make it more budget?

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The second combo winter happened. The five colored artifact lands were common. Skullclamp was uncommon. Aether Vial was uncommon. Disciple of the Vault was common. Almost every broken Raffinity card was common or uncommon, with the titular Ravager being an exception.

>Most of the tournament staple mythics are also plot important legendaries
Which still doesn't excuse bullshit like Kalitas. At any other rarity, this one would be 4BB or higher. (Hell, the previous Kalitas, which is arguably worse than this one in play, cost 5BB.) But because it's mythic, they've lowered the mana cost and made it hyper-efficient.

Mythics should be splashy, not just extremely good. (I'm still angry over Deathmist Raptor being so much more powerful/efficient than every other morph simply because it's mythic.)

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Thoughts on using pic related?

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