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here are some more examples of what I'm looking for

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Mycena arcangeliana: providing the TGM his soul and damnation in a move so swift and bold every rabbi would be proud, made in cubic squares, under the pressure of seven fat beer-drinking women, in loose oak filled soil.
Mycena polygramma: his language center, selected because of its abilities to eat paper, plants and poems. The achilles heels of 22 males, in different ages, trained in the art of yodeling was bound tightly around the fungus in the early stages of growth making sure that TMG has full control of the lumpy leather fleshy thing that passes as his tongue, and it works, well he does kind of click with his tongue a lot.
Mycena pseudostylobates: provides the skin keeping it all together, made under extreme pressure underneath the local dancing halls, is Bioluminescence, anonyms sources claims that the main reason the esteemed Byron Von Stauffer choose this particular fungus was because he wanted the brain to glow.
Mycena multiplicata: quite similar to a human brain already Byron was surprised of how little he had to do to mimic the greymatter of humans. 2 pounds of pressure and alcohol as all it took, both solved with 2 bottles of magnum whiskey.
Mycena manipularis: The Nerve system, spread out evenly in all of TMG body from the bottom of the Brain Case connects sensory input from the body and organs to the receptors in the brain. Byron had to travel to the south pacific to get this, a journey under which he got several tribal piercings, only some was intimate.
Mycena illuminans, sensory center, interprets sight and the other senses, TMG eyes are evolved versions of these, they are a beautiful blue color.

sublingual onsibbp

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>Just because an animal is self-aware doesn't automatically turn it into a civilised creature.
Exactly. A capacity to be better than they are does.
>And the idea that being civilised is a part of human behavior is retarded. You're saying that everyone up to the invention of farming and the creation of towns and cities wasn't human?
No. I am saying that the transition between clever ape and the first people was a gradual and not a uniform one. Humanity had been people before the development of agriculture.
>And guess what? A tribe that lives OUTSIDE the shared culture CANNOT ACT upon the expectations of that culture.
So if senseless killing is no big thing to them they should have no objections to being killed.

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If Imperium ends then the chapters with homeworlds carve out their own little empires as do the more prominent and easily defendable worlds.

Krieg Protectorate would be particularly grim i would think

Cadia would fall with no reinforcements and Abbadon would use it as his HQ for his new Dark Imperium.

Necron Star-Kingdoms would arise almost unopposed but fall to fighting each other as much as they would the Orks.

The Orks adapt to the situation of Moar 'Cronz Everywur! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!! by getting their shit together and using the Tyranids as training dummies.

The Tyranids are halted not long after nom nom noming the Tau Empire because the Orks are going nuts on them. Two armies of infinite numbers in a war of attrition. The 1 in 1,000,000 million ork yoofs that survives this weeding-out process are hard as nails and are then thrown into the WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! against the 'Cronz.

In the Realm of Chaos shit has stirred up beyond belief. The Gods of Orkdom have awoken from their eons long slumber and once more the Wastes echo with their roars as they brawl across all eternity. The new found discipline of their kin has alerted Khorne to their presence and it has become a 3 way brawl, the twin gods or orkyness becoming the Belligerent Triumvirate.

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Orks are getting their shit together. Necrons are waking up and the old programing is kicking in. Brian Boyz are being spawned and something more than 'Lets wreck all of the shit' is driving them.
The Duality of or divinity has become a Trinity as the Gork and Mork awoke from their slumber of a million years and one of them promptly upon waking kicked Khorn of his chair for being the pretender that he is. Then they went back to brawling, this time with an extra combatant present. The effect of a Chaos God of War upon the orkoid over-soul was that they started to get a little more disciplined. Skar Boyz became more common and Comisarz began to emerge in the ork ranks to keep every one focused on the correct targets.
Tyrannids were used as practice, the increase in biomass from planets a mile deep in corpses attracting a seemingly endless supply of fresh training material and the prospect of a fight attracting more Orks and ork spores grew in the Battle Worlds.
The WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! effort became the only thing holding the Necrons in check on a galactic scale. Not that the orks were ever appreciated for this job. Not that they ever cared for the approval of others in any case.

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>Hunter players always post on how they want to kill vampire PCs.
I've never played WoD PnP but I kinda thought that was the point?

>Its a PERFECT karmic fit that people who show up to grief, only get grief.
Well wait, I thought WoD was structured around these various groups that hated each other's guts. Since it stands to reason that these hunter guys hate vampires, wouldn't an MMO emulating these inter-group animosities be more loyal to the established lore? Otherwise, it would simply be CCP pandering to a vocal minority and breaking off with their MMO traditions to boot. It's supposed to be hands-off, player groups against player groups, one of the things that kept EVE Online in so many magazines - the amazing stunts of mass warfare, tactics, and strategy that occured as a result of that inter-group fighting.

Take those out of the equation, and you get another carebare WoW clone. No offense, but if you want to RP your vampire in safety, you can do it on a WoW RP server.

No one will bat an eye.

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