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Lots more guardsmen. You want bodies and as it is you can barely field 2 squads. I'd also recommend buying some SM plasma guns and converting some more plasma gunners.You can do the same with Melta guns too, but plasma is the go-to special weapon.

People swear by Conscripts as the ultimate cheap tar pit unit, so it may be worth acquiring a blob of those. Backed by a Priest and a Commissar it can be a real pain for people to deal with.

I've personally had success with a squad of veterans with as much plasma as possible riding around in a Chimera. They can jump out and delete any non-vehicle unit pretty easily and have had decent success vs HQ characters, though that largely depends on how the invul saves go. For maximum efficiency I'd stick a platoon commander in there with them to give them the Take Aim order for those sweet rerolls.

In terms of a 500pt list you could take the following plus weapon options to make a Brigade Detachment
-Company Commander
-Lord Commissar
-Command Squad
-Infantry Squad
-Infantry Squad
-Scion Squad
-Leman Russ

That's just over 400pts before options, so you should be able to bring it up to 500pts.

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