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Got this here a while ago, time to give back

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Hello, /tg/ ; I come to you for help.
You see, I typically don't use music while storytelling, because I get too focused on the story and can't deal with too many things at once anyway.
But tonight I'm attending a roleplaying convention that I've helped organize for the best part of a decade, and last time I was there I witnessed a game whose GM's use of music was masterful, and truly served to enhance everyone's gaming experience... So I'm starting to think I'm missing out on something.
Problem is, my knowledge of music is far too narrow to allow me to find appropriate soundtracks for my games. Plus, I almost exclusively listen to songs (as opposed to instrumental music), and those can be distracting.
So here's the deal : post soundtracks that you think fit well for tabletop roleplaying, along with a description of the mood or scene you feel they fit best. I'll start with what little comes to mind.

Bonus points if you know some that could apply to Unknown Armies (a modern and gritty horror/occult themed game).

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You motherfucker.

>Ever wonder what causes sleep paralysis? Now you know.

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Warlock-anon, how are all of these "clearly consorting with demons and eldritch forces" warlocks?

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This is possibly a dumb idea, but I'd like to get some input:

In an upcoming Pathfinder game I'm running, I'd like to put the players up against an enemy much, MUCH too powerful for them to take in a stand-up fight. But I also want to encourage them not to run away and instead try to find ways to use the environment against this enemy. Think Mr. Freeze in Arkham Asylum.

How can I communicate this to my players without outright saying it? They're either going to charge him head-on thinking they're strong enough to take him (last time they met him they were two levels lower, maybe they think that makes a difference?) and get demolished, or they're going to attempt to flee. How can I best suggest that it's possible they might be able to defeat him by being resourceful?

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stop with this f*@**g diapers.
Just cause one guy sucked at drawing a SoB you shouldn't publicize thoose fetishes.
Anyway What good fanfics with a lot of BDSM and Slaanesh exist ?

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i was just going to bump but i figured i would do something more fun,

so i found some good witchcrafty symbols and rituals and incantations to use in game while they are walking in on the rites or finding the alters later in their investigations, leading them to places where they would sell such curios and it will sew the web deeper and keep them all guessing how high it goes. till the point where they find out the plans to buy the land the town was formed on ( that was in RL formed by a logging company buying up a vacation spot for its employees) was purchased by the owner being controlled by a vampire......its going to be good cause im going to use peoples real names and all the heavy money players in town and real events are going to be involved

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tl;dr Asking for help with a new magic system.

I want to make a campaign with modern sorcery, thing is that I haven't found the right magic mechanics to go with what I want. Instead of having learned spells and/or specific "classes" of which to choose from, a more open, improvised magic using option is what I'm looking for. It will also play off of who the mage is (fears, skills, personality, experiences, etc) so that not every caster is the same. I've looked through my books, and it seems as if GURPS with the Syntactic Magic option and nWoD Mage's Improvised magic and flexible casting modifiers are close, but not exact. I haven't decided on a system yet, and would make one if needed...

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how she keeps sleeping through this is beyond me...

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I have a real soft-spot for magic that is really rare, but really insanely powerful and very, very risky. (See also: A Song of Ice and Fire, where magic can even raise the dead, but at a huge cost).

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WTF is that :O

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