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Here. This is what I was looking for.

Now you might ask if these were all quality posters, and we can't answer that. But there were many drawfags and writefags that were gone because of this. I myself left /tg/ until 2013 when he was fired.

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here have some actual crappy statistics

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It was back when we had the nazi mod that caused half of /tg/ to leave the board.

Image related.

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Pretty illusionary, right.

I'm not saying they're out to get me. I'm saying they screwed /tg/.....newfag.

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We already got our experience awards. Thread is archived in suptg already.

Anythign later than two years and 3 months ago is not worth it, as that's when the shitspammers and insane mods who hate /tg/ started driving everyone away.

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this is because of the mods, did we really have THAT many trolls?

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Because idiots like this got the mods involved and ruined /tg/ for 8 months.

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It's set up in a way that it wont track posts deleted by the person who posted it.

It isn't 100% foolproof, but the vast, vast majority of the deleted posts in the archive have been deleted by a moderator, not the person who posted.

Of course, because there is that little sliver of leeway, people will take that and run with it, and claim that the mod is clearly only deleting the one or two trolls or porn threads that pop up.

Picture is related, it's what's happened to posting since the Janitor came around. Notice how much lower we are in posts this year as compared to last year?

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