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>Last year
>Have so many players that running any game is too much of a hassle
>Can't run week to week because half the people that show up weren't involved in the battle scene that never got resolved with the other half of the people who were there last week

>Players disappearing left and right.
>Suddenly the one day a week we all agreed on is too busy for everyone
>Players moving away.
>Others insisting that they'll be moving "soon" so they stop showing up
>Others still suddenly unable to secure 4-5 hours on a weekday evening, even though we do this shit at the same time every single fucking week.
>Can't even get people together weekly any more
>And all these unreliable fucks still want to talk to me about the new campaign we're supposed to start.

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I... I can't argue with this.

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...The fuck are you on about?
OP is dead fucking wrong and everyone has already explained why.

Pick one, then go fuck yourself with an orange transparent chainsaw.

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