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The panopoly of Saint Prhentus was in ruins, five thousand years it had stood, a glory to the saint of Xenos destruction and one of the multitude of shrines upon Terra built in honor to the God Emperor of Mankind, and now, a smoking crater, the titanic shards of stone cast for miles in every direction as in a blaze of nuclear fire It emerged. The roar that had been left unsounded for over twenty millenia now filled the air of Terra again as savants and nobles fled in terror. Custodes looked on and for the First time in Ten thousand years feared for their charge.

It had awoken, a leviathan seventy meters high, its eyes glowing with nuclear fire and its maw wreathed in crackling flames brought from deep within its furnace heart. Imperial guardsman in desperation had started firing, their long sought after posts crushed beneath taloned feet that dwarfed Leman russes and ground even mighty baneblades in their wake.

It had awoken, and once more Terra knew the terror of its Guardian.

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