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>Anon will never try to resurrect his dead boyfriend

You're the worst evil lieutenant ever

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Wanna talk about demons and spirits and stuff? That's what's going on in this thread

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Will do. The setting i've been tinkering most with over the past couple of months has been mostly divine-independent. There's quite a large focus on the biology of my races because i'm a Bio major.

The elves of the world are organized into two main races: the result of a massive racial schism between mortal, plains dwelling archer-barbarian horse-lords, and semi-mortal magic-infused sociopathic fae. The former being those who disagreed with the wholesale slaughter/enslavement of other species during the Wild Hunts (4000+ yrs before present) and were banished as sympathizers and stripped of their longevity. The exiled ‘Wild Elves’ would develop their own secluded civilizations into powerful associations of large tribes that saw nature to be the object and source of reverence/beauty/magic (pantheism?). The remaining ‘High Elves’ continued their policies of forced servitude for hundreds of years before a number of the larger factions adopted more lenient leadership.

High Elves are historians, their libraries contain many ancient accounts of world events e.g. natural disasters, demonic invasions, draconic clashes. They place a very high emphasis on ancestor worship and have wildly elaborate burial tombs dedicated not to materials necessary in the afterlife, but the deeds performed and the lives lived of the dead. The entire room where the dead elf is interred will have a bust/representation of them, and embossed murals with depictions of key moments in their life. This focus on ancestor reverence is due to the exceptionally long 3/400-year(ish) lives that they live, and the high gestation times that bring forth the idea of a sanctity of (Elven) life in High Elf culture. (possibly hermaphroditic, with no sexual dimorphism?)

I was tinkering with the possibility of hermaphroditism and a sort of "second puberty" not unlike the life stages of Asari, but hadn't formalized any ideas.

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Your beefcake Sauron is pitiful and I laugh at you.

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Get gud.

Also, remember, your shield is your best friend, 100% physical resistance and as high stability you can get your grummy hands on. More endurance = faster running and rolling, more hits you can deflect with your shield.

Pyromancy needs no stats to get better at, only souls to upgrade the flame.

Havel ring is your friend. So is Ring of Favour and Protection.

Summoning friends is your friend.

Trading with friends is your friend as well, unless you feel like a man.

My advice on what areas to go in order:

0. Suicide rush graveyard near Firelink Shrine and steal fucking everything. Then clear out Shrine.
1. Undead Burg -Taurus Demon
2. Sunlight Altar -Bridge with Hellkite Drake. Run down the stairs halfway through the bridge and you wont melt, unlock shortcut there. Go back up and hide behind a wall to avoid fire, wait till the Drake jumps down, run between his legs and duck into cover. He'll fly away. Will come back if you enter the area again.
3. Parish - Gargoyles
4. Darkroot Garden - Butterfly, Caedecus shield helps if you fail at rolling
5. Hydra - Kill golems and run like a bitch towards the Hydra, any shield with 100% will deflect his melee attacks unless you have no endurance ever. Last head is retarded, you might need a bow to finish it off.
6. Quit, come back, alcove behind the hydra has golden golem, kill it, talk with waifu.
7. Return to the Asylum. You need to go up the lift that you unlock from the Parish, drop down out of it near the end of the ride down. Jump into a small ledge and run up the inner side of the Firelink Shrine's ruined tower, lay down in the bird nest and wait. The Asylum is full of Black Knights and the Asylum Demon's child rapist big brother.
8. Catacombs or Blighttown, you should have get gud by now and can handle the rest of the game.

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