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How do I run the most psykers possible in an Imperium soup list?

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This may be a fairly retarded question, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

Most of my players seem to get a little confused about "Roll under" approach to making skill checks, while they're distracted by combat they often seem to find it difficult figuring out the total amount they have passed a check by and I often seem to get "I passed by 20 something, maybe" as a response.

I've been thinking that, as a solution, what if I simply made it "Roll 100 to succeed". The stat bonuses would remain the same, the negatives and bonuses I give out would stay the same and hopefully addition will prove more natural for us than subtraction.

So for example, you go to shoot a autogun at a ganger, you have a BS of 42, -20 for full auto and add +10 for short range. Total bonus is +32 to your roll.
You roll a d100 and get 79, to which you add your +32 to make a total of 111, which would result in 2 hits.

I've got this really strong feeling though that there's something I'm forgetting that would make this system not work. Am I missing something here?

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Always wanted to run a game of Dark Hearsay where if everyone fucks up and shit hits the fan (and they manage to get to a working Vox unit), the acolytes can call in a Deathwatch Kill Team at the inquisitors disposal, at which point the players pull out their deathwatch character sheets and clean up the mess.

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That has got to be one of the most awful book covers I've ever seen. Could not help but think of pic related.
>10,000 hours in photoshop

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