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>Hot blooded Irish red heads

10/10, would reforge the empire with.

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>Alright, you meet the guild quartermaster. She's a busty elf who-
>Dude, every woman we've met has been "busty"
>In my campaigns, all women have big tits

Truly a kind and merciful god.

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Sheeit, now you're thinking. Dat sylph ass.

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Life leeching is dishonourable and brings great shame on your name

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Yes, a centuries-old space elf who has gone through one or more space elf weeaboo fightan magic programs has the same combat skills as a twentysomething Imperial Guard lieutenant

Such horrifying developer bias, makes one simmer with fury.

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E stands for Eldar.

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But they are tragic too, and rape is a tragedy so you'll see where this is going.

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Dying race, remember? Babby can not form.

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Now now Alai, we were all young once. I remember when I was only eighteen hundred years old I too had a bout of the *ahem* monkeigh fever. But they know naught what they're doing in bed. So inexperienced. How bout you come back to the crafworld and I'll show you what tricks I've learned after a thousand years on the path of the courtesan?

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What makes you think GW intended elves to be for close combat?

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Jokes on you, our gods are dead! Haha... aww

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As we know from Path series, Phoenix Lords use their armor to regenerate. The dreadnought stomped Jain Zar's to death.

Banshees lost their phoenix lord, forever. Such is the tragedy of the Eldar.

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Why so surprised? It's Moskin, GW's lawyer, who's asking those questions.

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Orks probably because it was the most efficient design for a basic footsoldier they could come up with.

Eldar...well they'll be around after the war is won and froglizards dig T&A as we all know from documentaries such as Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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Posting a classic.

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It's typical in GW treatment of Eldar.

Eldrad killed Abaddon in that one battle report everyone knows, so GW wrote up a story where Abaddon teleports away and Eldrad has a vision where he sees he has failed and Abaddon is destined to rampage across the stars unharmed.

Such is the tragedy of the Eldar.

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My favourite craftworld is the one that hunts humans for shits and giggles.

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The one who would grasp the neckbeard of our very world, the one who would drag us all into the pit.

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>that feel when no ward prose in your codex

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They could get a WD codex written by Cruddace.

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>Eldar senses aren't capable of detecting the fat fuck standing 10 feet behind her

I suppose you haven't heard of Sergeant Harker and his squad single-handedly routing an entire Warhost by waiting in a concealed position and peppering the Eldar with his heavy bolter.

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Eldar players have no reason to trust you to hold onto those promises, after all it was you who made the current codex where banshees and dark reapers are singularly bad.

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We've long since seen past those promises, you always give other armies better stuff than Eldar.

When did Eldar ever have Long Fangs, or Grey Hunters?

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