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rolled 79 = 79

You are pretty sure you were supposed to be drawing a girl with three katanas and her owlbear katana wielding companion, but that damn beastiality fetish reared it's ugly head again.

Note to self: Fuck Owlbear as often as possible and roleplay it in lurid detail.

P.S. Also have the owlbear rape toddlerkon orphan if possible.

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They'd been fighting alongside Kriegers, this time; and she had to admit, as she crested a hill they'd fought for weeks ago, the Death Korps of Krieg made a damned good bunker.

Within minutes, she'd opened the blast door with the dead Commissar's badge, and stepped inside, finding the only other survivor of their battle-a Kriegshünd. She'd liked its distinctive brown-and-black fur, and traded a few braces of grenades and a hellgun to the Kriegers in trade for it.

As she stood in the doorway, looking at the dog, an idea struck.

"Hey, Tiny?"
"Yes, Boss?"
"You remember that Chimera you wanted?"
"'Ow could I forget, Boss?"
"Go get it. 's all yours."
The Ork grinned, saluted, and charged off, laughing to himself. "Boss," on the other hand, grinned to herself and chuckled a bit.
"That oughta keep him busy a few hours...now...c'mere, boy."

The Kriegshünd had been sleeping in a ball in the corner underneath the space heater, and raised its head with a faint whine when his mistress addressed him before standing up and picking up a can of K-9 ration, bringing it over to her with another whine, waiting expectantly.

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So you have wished it, so shall it be.

Plus, I have the climax to boot.

In return, all I ask is more stories like >>10458181. Anything'll do, though, really, so long as it's not as terribad as OP's.

It'd been a few weeks since the last battle, and as usual, the pickings-before the Administratum showed up to take everyone to the next battleground, anyway-were excellent.

Considering a pile of lasguns, Gretchen frowned. She knew damned well the things weren't worth their salt against pretty much every Daemon, but the Administratum would appreciate the work she'd gone to by piling them up to be easy to collect.

It seemed every time she was dispatched, just two of her regiment would survive-her, and the Ork. Which was fine by her-less to share, after all-but it meant that after the battles, there was little to no dicking to be had, and she'd run out of cells for her vibrator months ago.

Having salvaged the best from the pile of corpses, the Savlar girl slung the old Commissar's backpack over her shoulder, snickering. They'd actually thought he'd survive! And she'd gotten a boltpistol out of it, which wasn't to be sneered at. Back on Savlar, that'd have fetched a pretty bit. Here, for the next ten years, it was just a useful bit of weaponry more likely to kill a charging Spawn than not.

"C'mon, Miffgrod."

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Chemchan dump?

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It felt good. No-it felt more than good. The thick knot pushed against her as the Kriegshünd's cock jerked, cum splashing against her cervix, leaving her feeling delightfully warm, giving a little groan as some overflowed and ran down her belly.

Still-she wanted it all. Licking her lips, she took her hünd in one hand, stroking him, giving a gasp of surprise as a spurt splashed across her rump, before guiding him against her ass-

Gretchen had just a moment to dig her hands into the rug before she was overcome, gasping in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her pet forced his way into her rear, frenzied jerks giving way to short, powerful thrusts. Inch, by inch, she felt him work his way in, nearly screaming as the knot forced its way through-before her knees buckled, and the Savlar woman let out a long, low groan of pleasure, eyes flickering as Hünd finished inside her.

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