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Oh, here's a good one!

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The Charlie is in a saddle between two hills at 8-9-7-1-0-2-6-2, one-hundred and thirty three kilometers from the position of Hotel in five minutes, Hotel will engage Charlie at approximately 19:27. Sierra waits fifty kilometers of Charlie, ready to move into position and provide covering fire from the north hill of the saddle. I am in Fort Glory, fifteen thousand and twenty for kilometers from Charlie. The hangar is located two hundred and thirty three meters south west of my position. Two months ago I piloted mechanized GI Glorious Anthem, call sign Golf Alpha. The MG bore one one-hundred and fifteen millimeter railgun for MG combat, eight Deus-Ex rockets to counter non-MG targets, and one tactical Fat Boy for fear.

17:29:34 12 January 2176: Golf Alpha engaged Charlie at 2-6-2-0-1-7-9-8

17:29:52 12 January 2176: Second Charlie enters the combat zone. First Charlie confirmed to be Grande and second confirmed to be Ritter.

17:30:03 12 January 2176: Golf Alpha neutralized and waiting emergency extraction.

07:31:03 21 October 2176: Golf Alpha operational, awaiting new pilot.

There is a house four-hundred six-thousand seven-hundred kilometers from Charlie that used to be mine. I bought it because I love the beach it over looks with the crystal clear water that surges onto the sand. I have seen it in a picture. Frozen in place, it looks like a blanket foam trim. As Ritter crushed my cockpit with its talons and saltwater drowned me, I thought of laying on that beach with the moist sand sticking to my back. In this thought the ocean surged over me, but as cloth and not water. I clutched the foam trim before it flowed away and rolled to the right, wrapping myself in the wave. Back, front, and side were immersed in coolness that lulled me to sleep. My soul is there and I am an imitation of that pilot on the beach, sleeping in the ocean.

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A demon! Meh.

Hey, I try not to stare at the crotches of hideous beasts, alright?

The problem is getting to him/her.

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"You... you...

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Just waiting on you, Sir!

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>your actual thread premise

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>Any D&D module can be ran in the WHF universe without too much reskinning
No it couldn't. WHF is a universe where human beings are normal and not supermen. If you take that away, guess what, it might as well be Forgotten Realms.

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I can agree that it gets taken too far but WHF hasn't really been a "comedy" game since like 5th Edition. In fact, it's sort of rare in that it usually presents death as being as bad as it would be.

Not that gross mutations and so on are necessary for that, but it's definitely less lighthearted than it used to be (like ten years ago). Which in a way I think works - it creates sympathy/empathy for the normal people who have to live in the setting. You wouldn't normally blink an eye at a soldier dying, but when it's presented as something horrific and tragic and worst of all COMMON, it's something completely different.

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Really makes you think about these poor motherfuckers. Even if they manage to kill that thing, it's not even gonna give a fuck.

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I guess that works.

When you get down to it, it just means that things are taken seriously based on the scenario presented. WHF is about as bad as it would be in real life, no more, no less. If monsters and demons were actually real, real life would be as grim as WHF is. By contrast, 40k sort of goes out of its way to make sure that EVERYONE DIES FOREVER. Some people saw a Chaos Space Marine? KILL THEM ALL. Some people were on the other side of a planet when a Chaos portal arose? DOESNT MATTER NUKE IT

On the other hand, that's realistic in its own way too - Stalin certainly showed the world how far you could take a war against your own populace.

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I'm pretty sure WHF is Real Robot.

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>implying 40k is better than fantasy
There. Now we have a thread.

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Just print this out and show it to them, OP. Then say "this is you". If any one of them assumes you mean "the daemon", kick them out.

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So tell me, why are 40k's Guardsmen supposed to be the ultimate underdogs again?

Warhammer Fantasy General

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Would any of these armies be considered hard for a beginner to learn ?

Vampire Counts
Tomb Kings
Warriors of Chaos

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And Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a game where you play as those guys.

Or these guys.

John Blanche did the illustrations in Blood on the Reik, which is an EXCELLENT book:

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I remember before I got into WHF, I thought it was basically generic too. I mean, there's nothing to get excited about, ESPECIALLY compared to all the weird, unique shit in 40k.

But that's the feeling you get when you look at elves and dwarves and orks and chaos. All designs founded in traditional goofy fantasy concepts, all designs that translated easily to a cartoonish WoW-style MMO.

The Empire is what makes WHF worth exploring. All the fantasy elements of WHF exist to play off of the Empire. It is the "real" faction, to contrast off the fantasy elements. It is the faction that consists of regular, sympathetic human beings. Yeah, it's easy to see a giant, monstrous demon and be like "ho hum, just like the ones in Warcraft", but the difference is that Warcraft doesn't really have any "real people" (humans are too exaggerated and cartoonish) and WHF does. WHF is realistic humans in an unrealistic world and they get torn apart when they can't use their superior tactics and technology.

Basically all the wanking off that /tg/ does for the IG should be done for the State Troops instead. Going up against a daemon with a halberd is 100x as ballsy as going up against a daemon with a lasgun.

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Make a game where you're a state trooper.

No, you don't have special protagonist powers. This is the game. This picture is the game.

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