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bumping with pics till we get more input.

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>The ship you are about to board is heavily infested with tyranids. in fact, one of their bio-ships is latched onto the side of it.
>There's no way of telling how many countless millions of organisms are in the Gothic-class imperial cruiser.

From the top down, we will explain the situation

-This part of the ship is too infested----------\
-This part of the ship is heavily infested -----\
-This part is Lightly infested -----/
-This part should be relatively safe------------/

>You will be landing on the Starboard side, where our landing crew wont get killed immediately
>You must make your way to the MAP ROOM
>very important star-maps MUST be retrieved from this vessel!
>the bridge and the information deck are a level up from where you'll be landing, as we cannot directly land at that area.
>get to the bridge, and scan the ships info core for any other useful things that may be aboard.

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Deathwing runs squads of 5, and you mix and match between TH/SS, LC, and SB/PF with the option for a heavy weapon(cyclones for example).

Half deep-strike in on turn one, and they're generally considered as sturdy as a brick shithouse. Since power weapons aren't effective against terminators anymore they've become more useable, but they will be few in number.

As for a custom chapter, there's nothing stopping you. The rules don't say what colors you have to use, after all.

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Sup /tg/, I'm pretty new to 40k and Blood Angels is how I roll but I'm not sure what to start with.
A friend of mine recommended to start with a Force Commander or a Space Marine Bike.
All I can spend on Warhams right now is nothing less than €20.
What advice can you elegan/tg/entleman give a new painter?

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and then i remember b is full of pedophiles and forget about it.

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tau are rocking...if you got the creds for their shit. Those hammerheads and the broadsides are fucking expensive. also those 4finger fags with the markerlights.

and i agree you are right I did abandon my beloved ultramarines. I tried I tried. 60 scout army (all knock offs) 6 dread list (with the motfucker) the vindicator spam. all of it...I have like 6k points worth of shit in a box here...Just couldn't make a winning list or find one. all the tournaments show that vanilla don't win (with the exception of one salamander player in 26 tournies)

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Hey guys, I was reading through some of the lore of Warhammer 40K (relatively new to the game), and I came across some vague concepts at work, and was maybe wondering if you guys could clear this up for me.

So in Warhammer 40K supposedly all beings have a soul (the Eldar preserve their warriors souls in stones and integrate them into some sort of network), and that made me wonder what happens after death in the Warhammer 40K universe, do their souls just go straight to the Warp? Also, what is the Imperiums views on this, do they have some sort of belief in an afterlife (as the Imperial Cult and the Imperium are basically one in the same)?

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I need some help /tg/

My friends and I are currently playing inquisitor and we all shown interest in playing a more pen/paper game like deathwatch/dark heresy/ rouge trader but so far none of us have really put forward a argument to make the switch from inquisitor to any of those other games.

if you guys can give me some pointers that would be great.

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Don't think you can have a unzealous space marine. Part of their job is to abandon all sense and reason, then run chainsword-first into enemies like the forces of chaos. If they were doing that without absolute faith in the emprah (as the greatest MAN ever), in a world where the things you believe can PHYSICALLY affect the world around you, they'd be really easy to corrupt. Heck, they still get corrupted all the time despite their fanaticism.

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I recently found my old grow your own crystal set.

I was wondering if crystals are any good in making conversion bits for models?

I was thinking of crystal warhammers and maybe some gems on a wizards staff

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Sup /tg/. A friend and I played the new Space Hulk yesterday for the first time, and we came across an interesting question, one which the rules didn't seem to answer. So, for any Hulk players on /tg/, we pose a question...

Is it possible for a Space Marine player to shoot at a Genestealer point-blank, or does he have to enter into close combat with it immediately?

Other than that, general Space Hulk thread. Box artwork related. Thanks fa/tg/uys!

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Hope the game has Terminator armour as an unlock skin.

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