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>maybe it auto-aims?

Um. It's a pistol held in your hand. It can't autoaim because it can't move, unless it has some sort of mini-turret barrel-end which is ...stupidly dangerous without some sort of HUD and control system to select targets ("No phaser! You were supposed to shoot the terrorist, not the hostage he was hiding behind!")

>Also most of the time it is used in very close combat (less than 50m) where aiming is very easy (just try it with a laser-pointer)

Shotguns are used in that same range. As are pistols.

Both of these categories of weapons have iron sights, because being able to aim accurately is important no matter the range.

Pic related, the Neostead is a RL example of "awesome practical" as it's dual-mag set up can either double it's capacity (two mags worth of buckshot) or be used like a conventional shotgun (one tube of buckshot) with an alt fire of non-lethal rounds (fill other tube with taser-darts, beanbags, etc.) or any number of combinations with the hundreds of variant shot-shell ammo types in existence (you could load one tube with buckshot and the other with slugs, so you have short range and medium range lethality, etc.)

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On a related note to that, we have the Neostead which has two magazines which it can be set to utilize both at once (alternating which magazine is being used every other round) or to use either one or the other.

The first option means you can load it fully with buckshot and have double the capacity of a normal pump shotgun. The second option means you can load one magazine with, say, rubber slugs or other such nonlethal/less than lethal options, and load the other magazine with buckshot, switching between the two as needed.

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