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This is my Brujah.

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Do you love lolipires? Also, clan her. I'm saying Brujah, generation 5-6. Maybe childe of Guillaume, so a very good girl.

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>And here's my vampire character!
>she looks young but she's actually very old, she just got turned when she was just a child

Would you allow this?

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Well it's there because I converted up a Coven throne to look like a spooky boat from a tunnel of love using Mortarch parts and sadly there's no room for the Coven throne itself so I run it as a mortis engine just to use the model. Not to mention +1 to casting and -1 to casting to everyone else is quite good when you REALLY want your key spells like quickblood to go off, or the etheral spell on the Blood knights. LoB also have some decent leathership fuckery so there's a good chance to spew out mortal wounds.

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So, should a 100 year old vampire who got turned when she was very young act according to her physical age or mental age?

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