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hey /tg/

so i started my first campaign in december with my cousin and his friends, I rolled an orc warblade. (we play D&D version 3.5) I went into the diamond mind and tiger claw schools and i wear full plate and dual wield battle axes.

since i'm a noob i pretty much made my character for fighting, so all my rolls on diplomacy and even sight suck, making me pretty useless out of combat.

I'm still really unfamiliar with classes and character building (i chose warblade out of suggestion) and theres a psion caster or whatever in our group (nomad i think its called?) and i really like the teleportation and plane shifting abilities he has

can anyone who has played a psion class before explain more about the class and offensive spells? im really considering this class for my next character (we almost got assraped last session by an army of undead and the DM just told us out of pity theres another army coming for us in a town were waiting in to get our healer back from their leader)

also do you guys know any free character building software youd recommend?

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So wait. It's stupid in 4e to have fighter techniques that can only be used once per day.

But in 3.5 it makes perfect sense that a barbarian can only get mad and fight while being mad a certain number of times a day? What?

And don't pull that "primal force" bullshit. That was NOWHERE in 3.5 and you know it. The closest thing barbarians had to magical powers was some vague shit that was just as likely for rangers to have.

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/tg/, I need your help in something. Yesterday I had the first session as DM, running a homebrew in D&D 3.5, and none of the players had any experience with tabletops.
The problem is that one of the guys made your typical half-orc barbarian, with an int score of 6.
Because of that (and because he said his character was raised by his human mother, in a country populated by human barbarian tribes) I ruled that his character had only learned how to speak and understand Common, not Orcish.
Then he calls me today and gripes about it, saying that he should know Orcish because the book says it's an automatic language.
After discussing for a while, I pulled the DM-card on him. Am I a bad DM for doing this? Should I just let him have the extra language?

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ITT: Random polymorphing.

Magical chaos is breaking down the dimensional barriers!

1: Post a picture of /tg/-related nature.

2: You (or a favorite character of yours if you so wish) have just been hit by a random magic bolt which polymorphs you into the person or creature in the picture posted ABOVE yours.

3: Write a quick description of how you (or your character) react, what they decide to do with their new life, and anything else relevant.

4: ?????


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Can I have some adventurer types who don't wear shoes? My folder is severely lacking such.

System, race, sex don't matter.

Krusk related.

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Speaking guys with doodads everywhere, Imish here must be played by a powergamer. If I tie daggers and arrows to me I can stab while I punch and kick.

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right, can't have a Half-Orc thread without some KRUSK

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>green outside a few franchises
Wanna ring me by that one more time?

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Eventually this turns into First National Bank of Krusk. Especially if you can get a few dragons to invest their hoards with you.

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Shylocke Shaver is a Lawful Good Gnome Illusionist who is always several levels higher than the party. He works for the king as a tax collector. His specialty is taxing dungeoneering adventurers. His usual deal is to invisibly snatch ALL their treasure into a portable hole, including magic items, and then use a scroll or spell to teleport away. He will leave the destitute adventurers a note telling them to report to such and such an government office (where they cannot take weapons and magic items) so they can be audited for a tax refund. He works with a small team of tax collectors who are always of equal level (and numbers) of the party. His bodyguard is Reptar the LN Lizardman Barbarian. Lately, Slylocke has taken to a ridiculous scheme where he audits treasure laden adventurers magically disguised as a Half-Orc barbarian named Krusk. If Slylocke thinks the adventurers might cause serious trouble at the audit, he will have every available member of the guard and king's army standing by to kill the murderous band of cutthroats.

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