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It's a domino of preposterous proportions.
Bad PR which revealed that the development team didn't know what they were doing.
The game started with no public testing like mkii, which compounds the worry.
game release with core rule not working (knockdowned and frozen models can't be charged ???) and the ruling says it's working as intended.
New tourney rules have terrible scenarios to the point where one scenario gets unofficially banned by every TO in the country.
Errata releases that says that it's not working as intended. Community goes apeshit of the stupidity
Errata also does "fixes" for core rule changes that have been causing things to be busted in the tourney scene.
Karchev briefly dominate tournament, using a spam of the cheapest jacks, something that could've been playtested very easily since it's literally "best caster for it + cheapest thing to take" and playtest 101 mistake.
One of the faction releases very poorly. The developer says that players just don't know how to play, which pisses the player base.
World Team Tournament results shows that faction to be indeed garbage, validating the pissed off player base and the developers concede into fixing the faction.
New faction gets released which has lukewarm reaction at best and with negative buzz surrounding the game, the attitude shifts toward the notion that the devs wasted time with the new faction instead of making the actual factions good.

fuck off to 40k gen, actually nevermind, just end yourself with your WAAC crying. You are a blight to 40k and you are a blight everywhere.

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>malformed bone structure on the arm side
>missing a kidney
>remaining arm doesn't move properly and has no palm

yeah, nah. Nice try, evolution. better luck next time.

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eh, what can you do man. Hardcore is a weird environment where the Mountain King can actually be a contender.

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>can't into censoring

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>3 images

And yet you've only posted one...

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