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Gather round ye fa/tg/guys and ca/tg/girls, I've a tale of RP gone wrong.

I joined this 5e game on Roll20 and at first it seemed great. The world was fleshed out, the DM was helpful in making my character since I'd never played 5e before, he even helped me make a custom archetype for my rogue. Nothing super fancy, from the moment I saw the "Investigation" skill I wanted to make a Private Investigator Rogue. The archetype gave me bonuses to investigate, insight, some other small bonuses. Helped me make a backstory where my PC was the Sherlock Holmes of his home city. Not super LG, but more likely to follow the law than not, especially when in lands controlled by his King or other such civilized places.

The party has been assembled by a demigod to investigate "something." He doesn't know what's going on, but all the cults are up to something at the same time, old gods are stirring, etc. We've been assembled to gather ancient artifacts, basically stockpiling magic for whatever is about to go down. I joined in a few sessions in, so my character was introduced as reinforcements sent by said demigod to replace PCs who went their own way. (I was told the players were actively working against the group or just not playing along well and had been asked to leave, plus another one or two who had just stopped showing up.)

Said demigod had a mansion in a pocket dimension which was our homebase between missions; we each had a suite of rooms, and you could only get to this place through a magic circle that required a set of coordinates. Seemed incredibly safe. Of course that only lasts for so long because this is a PnP game.

Pic is PC in his fancy aristocrat clothing

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Rikell grabs the sleeping woman and the shadow-stepper, shoving them both under the bed and squeezing in next to them. He's partially exposed, but there's no more room so oh well.
Almost kills Rikell. He manages to get the Shadow-stepper back on his feet, and the wife is in hysterics at being kidnapped. Rikell tells her to shut up she's just going to be a hostage and she'll live. He's rather upset at being blown up. The shadow-stepper converts her his religion so she calms down, and they limp their way back to Rikell's shop without searching the house more. Rikell voices his worry that there will be repercussions, and the Shadow-stepper says he knows some people. He comes back a few minutes later with an npc Rune-Mage and a drunken Dwarf Earth Bender. The Earth Bender is set to fortifying the shop against attack while Rikell and the Rune-Mage go upstairs with the wife. They put a magic circle on the ground with runes of shielding, cutting off some sort of spell that was on her. They thought it was a scrying spell to allow people to see and hear from her. Downstairs the Dwarf has completed several of his fortifications.
This is important. He has raised stone to blockade the windows, same for the door, used stone to shore up the wall supports and ceiling, and at Rikell's request he began tunneling an escape tunnel. Rikell did not request stairs. Oops.
Some hours later a lone Teifling appears outside the shop and calls out for Rikell.

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