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I think he looks rather spiritual. Though recent and older photos showed him with short hair (Ward too for that matter).

Yeah, GW staff hairstyles. Always important to keep up with them.

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Nice knight

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Hey, Commissar...
Pick a colour.

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>how do sisters and gray knights get along?

Not too well, I don't think.

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This writers name is Matt Ward.
He is so good and true.
because he's made codexes.
I want to buy them too.

He isn't gay or airy.
But swag as he can be.
He's better than that Cruddace
Who couldn't crunch a flea.

For it is Matt Ward
Matt Ward
Writer for the smurfs and cron
But with propriety
Society will say "Be gone"

But it was Matt Ward
Matt Ward
Long before the bandwagon hate
And there is something there
that plays so square
He's a grand old mate

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ITT: if Mat Ward had written your faction's codex.

>Hive Fleet Tarasque launches an assault on the Imhotep Dynasty. The nefarious Necrons unleash the terrible tribulations of a Transcendent C'tan Shard, swiftly slaughtering many of the heroic hive. Yet, in the darkest hour, the Swarmlord is spawned, striking down the alien godling with his musculous might and driving the surviving Necrons to flight. Trapped behind their own defenses, the scrofulous scoundrels are deliberately devoured.

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>New Emps is friends with everyone except groups of loyalists who don't like the powershift and the hearsay.
>Series ends with emps combined forces hunting down all SM, inquisitors and imperial guard.
Deal with it

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thats now how you spell matt ward

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Is there a term for when lore writers consistently explain away every bit of mystery and dignity to a setting?

It happens a lot in 40k and the Star Wars EU. Shitty fanfic tier writers like to appropriate or expand upon existing concepts or past stories, and end up turning Exar Kun into a faggot. Or to take another example, while I did enjoy them, the Horus Heresy books. That kind of thing.

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Sup guys?

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>No primarch had the geneseed of the Emperor on their side. Additionally, no primarch had been trained to resist the temptations of Chaos. In fact, most primarchs didn't properly know what Chaos even IS.

Yes and no
Each kid was made with a tiny warp storm inside him. It's weird

Grey knights are made from those weird hairs on the Big Es foot

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not much friend

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I have taught you well. Now go. Go, and write terrible lore.

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This guy.

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I was working off the only other photo available.
also it's more disgusting this way

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Not even that of our lord and savior?

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>Implying he doesn't have the best mug in England

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And lo, awed by the righteous power of Humanity's Finest Warriors, the Tyranid filth hid behind ruined buildings and deep within the few remaining forests, for so fearful were they of being slain at a distance by heart-seeking bolts and micrometer-precise lascannon shots, they would rather cower behind cover than press the attack into the certain death that is the crosshairs of the Ultramarines.

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No I mean the Ward that would really keep me safe as a GK

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Matt Ward is a shortcut to feeling mentally superior to all those Black Library fucking faggots that doesn't require any actual effort.

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Ultramarines, because really, there never was any choice

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Today /tg/ I offer you a ultimatum:

1) Keep the Tyranid codex as is

2) Squat the race entirely for something new

3) Allow the Tyranid codex to be written by Matt ward.

Your choice, gentlemen

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Thown out Tervigons in alley this morning, tire tread on the fantastic paintjob. This community is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The rules are convoluted tripe and the RAW conflict with RAI and when the their codex finally needs an update, all the scrubs will cry. The accumulated tears from when they fight Tau and Eldar will foam up about their waists and all the Nids and Orks and Marines will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll whisper "no."

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