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I have no RL swording gifs.

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I've got my choices cut down to six. Indecisive fuck, aren't I?

Frost/Curse, All those debuff's.
Rage/Demon, Powerful -and- thematically awesome? Sign me up.
Ether/Diamond, Math. 'Nuff said.
Fire/Haste, Simple, strong, effective.
Ghost/Explosion, Not so good in a one-on-one, but holy fuck it can clear a room.
Blood/Spike, I'm assuming you heal on a reflect, so this is the ultimate aggro-tank.

Also, I can't figure out what to do with Poison, thunder, or Drain. I'd need more info before I could judge them.
Death is just too risky.

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Here's another

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two weapon fighter

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