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Karn wins.

Fuck Kharn.

Fuck Kratos.

Silver bitches be like aaah.

Pic related.

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It's okay, most of us are much more tasteful with our sleeves and alters.

Pic related.

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Hey /tg/, I am hoping some of you can offer me some suggestions for Magic.

The groups I play the game with are big into free-for-all game types. My decks are pretty focused on standard duels, so I don't fair so well against 3 or more opponents. It also doesn't help that as soon as I play a Guttersnipe, I'm ganged up on.

So, I am wondering what cards would be good to use against multiple opponents. Any suggestions/recommendations?

Format: Modern/Standard

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excuse me sir, your karn is missing something

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Most playable planeswalker?

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This card is an autoinclude in any deck

Penis karn is best karn

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