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Make my day, punk.

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This is how I think of the children.

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On the subject vis-a-vis love and it's subsequent blooming on the battlefield? It may occur in the following ways:

- Within the Imperial Guard
- Within the Inquisitorial forces (Not counting the Adeptus Sororitas)
- Within the Adeptus Mechanicus
- Between members of the above forces

Love blooming within the Space Marine chapters are rare and that love evolving into a physical one is rarer as, save for the Space Wolves, Black Templars and the Salamanders (and few other chapters perhaps who do not completely conform to the Codex Astartes) Chem Gelding is standard practice in Space Marine conversion as outlined in the Codex Astartes.

Further love-bloom between members of the Adeptus Sororitas and any chapter of Space Marines is unheard of and probably never happens due to the negative view the Sororitas have about Space marines in general. Whether this love is considered heresy is dependent on many factors. I recommend consulting your local Commisar.

Between any member of the Imperium and any follower of chaos is considered heresy. Between any member of the Imperium and any member of a Xenos race is considered double heresy. If you find yourself developing feelings for members of the factions previously mentioned in this paragraph, report to your local Commisar IMMEDIATELY.

As for the question of whether or not Space Marines are able to perform sexual acts, refer to the previous statements on love within chapters of Space Marines and the Chem Gelding process required by the Codex Astartes.

As for whether or not the Tau are the only "good" faction, the answer to that question is "no." The only "good" faction in Warhammer 40K are followers of Malal/Malice.[/spoilers]

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Me again. Damn. A quick youtube search didn't pull it up. And I don't wanna sound like one of "Those Guys" but even that sounds like being one of those guys... My god.

Also, on the general topic of the thread, usually when I see a spelling error, I look at my keyboard and find how far away the letter is he meant to type compared to what was typed. It ranges anywhere from "Alright, I can see that happening." to "How the fuck did you manage that?" Of course, this doesn't work for ALL spelling errors. I also feel like a should be contributing some kind of pic...So here.

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Begone, fucking pedo!

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Sister of Battle Palatine. Also asexual (formerly 60% lesbian).

Uhm. I would not *ask*.

If we somehow were to go for a date, though, my place's cathedral has a spurisingly decent charity kitchen. She'd appreciate the ascetic idea behind it. She might, later, want to execute the cathedral's cardinal for various heresies (deservedly), but that'd be a plus, if you ask me.

And if I survived that date, I'd spend the rest of the evening thoroughly drinking to forget it.

Picture only vaguely related. She's not much of a looker anyway.

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rolled 8 + 7 = 15


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You must be new.

In other news must resist posting SoB/Tyranid rape fapfic.

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Great party. Great GM. Thanks for sharing, OP.

I particularly liked how this angle was perfect for Dark Heresy yet would be totally inappropriate anywhere else.

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Just flicking though my SoB folder, God damn i need to tidy it up.

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