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that could be our holo-appearance that we use whenever neccessary. At least until we find out where we can build ourselves a form

that would be the noosphere, it is like LAN for techpriests, it will exist anywhere admech, provided the captain allowed them the funds to install that complicated software. Also yes, take some data streams, mash them together to produce a message, maybe garble the sender;s address or just throw out a general maintenance request by local mechanics on that particular deck

Also I would love to know more about the rogue trader retinue

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>tfw I know exactly what you mean

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I think my group is doing okay. Sure our RT is an ex-commissar and I mean, sure, first session we had a miscommunication which caused our Void Master to enter a meeting late and shoot a rival RT, while the RTs decided to duel due to both having Brook no Insult and the other took our Seneschal's... Seneschaling as an insult.

Then we went to Witchcraft to do a favor for the AdMech (and Psykana for some delicious PF and 10 Vermillion astropathic messages). Found the place nigh empty save for a Genetor and some 'xenos'. On the way back, I may have tech-heresied a noosphere into the RT's cybereye for communication purposes.

Then found out about some abandoned Forge world and got a contract to go 'assist' the RT that had the contract to scout it. (Admiral Hersh(al/et), a guy with a cruiser and a lot of archeotech on it, who was a AdMech nut who pissed my Explorator off cause he wore AdMech robes without being in the brotherhood).

Ended up getting there before we left Footfall by enough of a point that we could have messaged ourselves and were before the Admiral showed up. And I was the only one on bridge when he did, meaning I took the call. Was pretty civil, considering. Ended with us entering a fight with him. We have a Firestorm frigate.

Thank the Omnissiah we took that armored prow. They didn't get a shot off on us and we actually got the Explorators on his ship to mutiny and parley (AdMech got the ship, we got the Admiral and some colonists for the Forgeworld).

Oh, and our Seneschal has come close to having a deck on the ship voided cause he took it over and denied entrance to EVERYONE save the RT.

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He also is refusing to allow the Tech Adepts onto the deck he's doing the training on, despite warnings of potential structural failure. It's very possible that, why, the deck may accidentally void due to airlock malfunctions.

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Well, was just speaking to a bunch of crazy guys, and I suddenly find myself with three people who are with me on wanting to play this game, because it's been so long since we've each individually played it.

Problem is, three of us are horrible GMs and the other guy is already busy with Rogue Trader (More Rogue, less Trader).

So, I appeal to the Gods of Gaming and Dice. Is anyone wanting to pick up a group of four for a Dark Heresy game?

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