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/tg/ has a male personification. if you need a female mascot /tg/ has plenty of those as well...

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Hecutor with fire selector can fire full-auto for 6 rounds. At that point, each mag has 3 rounds left; not enough for full auto, enough for one round of semiauto or a while on single shot.

A Laspistol does not need to worry about ammo after 6 rounds.

I agree, however, that las weapons are underpowered in DH. My group has houseruled them to be more powerful in a tactically interesting way. In our game, energy and explosive damage halves your effective toughness bonus. So, SP weapons might be better for fighting humans, but fight anything tough and las or bolters have a notable advantage. Makes sense that the guard get issued lasguns; besides the obvious logistical advantages, they often fight orks, nids, and other tough shit.

We've got a couple of other houserules, all of which make combat slightly more lethal and rather more realistic, in our opinion.

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While it's true that Khornate anti-intellectualism and anti-psykerism is rife in some areas of the south, it's not as bad as you think. Sure, man, highschool sucks. The Khornate Bloodbowl jocks will stick your head in the john or try to dismember you with axes. But it gets better in Dark University and afterward. Out here in the real world, us acolytes of the Changer pull the strings! Those dumb jocks work for us... whether they know it or not.

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In the grim darkness of the far future, there is some war! You know, in certain sectors. At a guess, probably about 1% of the Imperium's approx. 1,000,000 worlds is involved in some kind of major armed conflict. The rest are mostly, well, not great, but not terrible. If you're on a forge world, the work's hard and the air quality's pretty bad, but, you know, as long as you've got friends and family you can be pretty happy. Feudal worlds range from dark ages misery through pastoral, picturesque farming villages with cute milkmaids and a jovial, drunken old priest.

I know the setting is supposed to be all grim, all the time, but... people are people, and they can adapt to pretty much any situation that doesn't immediately kill them. Seriously, I've lived in a crappy third-world country, and most of the people there were pretty happy!

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It's a spot of bother that other than the Dreadnought no one has commented on the build's expected effectiveness.

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A 40k version of "hellfire" is now playing in my head.

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Surely we can have both?

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And in general terms, if you fuck with someone's biology that much, you're gonna trash their reproductive capability. Which is actually a good thing if you're manufacturing supersoldiers. You don't want them distracted from their duty, and you REALLY don't want them siring families and lineages. That would lead to families of Astartes nobility taking over the Imperium and ruling the normal humans. If they can have families, they'll be loyal to their families; if they can't they'll redirect their natural longing for family into loyalty to their chapter and the Imperium at large. You know, ideally. Honestly, "independent, self-governing armies of supersoldiers" is a terrible fucking idea, and I'm not the least bit surprised that half of them went rogue. Hell, I'm astonished half of them stayed loyal.

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The thing about playing Chaos that I'm concerned about is that the Human faction is Imperial Guard. The equivilant is that Chaos players will at best be Cultists with Chainaxes and Laspistols.

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