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>can run on water
>good with short blades

Are hobbits ninjas?
(Picture related, it's two guys who can walk on water.)

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you two fuckers wanna see something weird!?

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Doubt the stations on the other end are ON. However, we do have a mostly-complete gate network map, so at least we know where to go.

And it never hurts to try. It will take a week to fire up the gate station again.

ACTION: Cannibalize a few picket sats and/or space station for interstellar sensor packages, have all engineers not on the Gate focus on fixing our long-range scanning ability.

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I once played a religious-fanatic Paladin.

It was mostly to troll this snooty bitch who was playing in the group, who was a passive/aggressive feminist. I didn't lay it on TOO thick, but it was obvious my character was sexist, acting uncomfortable whenever her Ranger took point or did dangerous things, and quietly chafing whenever the DM introduced a female authority figure. He was also a bit of a prick when it came to his own decent ranking within the Paladin Order, which gave him some authority here and there.

Until one session, we were swarmed by bugbears (I think we were level 5 at that point) while trying to evacuate a bunch of lesbian nature worshipers I had been intent on arresting (our DM was twice as trolly as me.) My dickadin jumped into the hallway over the Femenist's wounded Ranger (at 0 HP,) and stood directly over her to defend. Even after she was dragged out of the hallway I continued to fight the bugbears. Our DM didn't hold back; death was a real danger in his games.

Eventually everybody made it out and I was able to run, at 4 HP remaining and no lay-on-hands left. The Ranger asked me why I'd risk my life for a bunch of lesbo heretics.

I replied, "I am no God; it is not for me to judge their innocence. He who would benefit from the Book must also bleed by it- if one enjoys the privileges of a man, one must bear the responsibilities of one. Death before injustice."

I'd prepared that little ditty some time beforehand, of course, waiting for an oppertunity.

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Listen, there's coming in hot, and then there's breaking up on re-entry. And with a tripcode in the mix... son, I'm almost embarrassed for you.

You have to have at least SOME subtlety, you know?

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What is this I dun even

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