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Hey guys, I just spent the last 3 months at Marine Corps. OCS and just before I left, there was talk of a release or close to release of a working version of Chapter Master. Did anything ever come of that? Thanks in advance.

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Taking up position behind a downed vehicle, Barbos and his squads continued to fire at the kroot. Unable to hold back the tide of foes, Barbos and his squad fell back, hoping to draw the shaper into the open. The shaper, hefting a daemonic sword, struck Seramir and, in a spray of crimson blood, effortlessly tossed the robed marine aside. Igniting his underslung flamer, Barbos fired at the Shaper and his bodyguard. Although heavily wounded and burnt and his entire force decimated, the Shaper emerged and headed towards Barbos. Before he could reach the sergeant, the Tau Stealthsuits emerged and sprayed him with deadly fire. His body utterly destroyed, the Shaper collapsed in a pool of blood and gore in front of Brother-Sergeant Barbos and Brother Aras. Unwilling to engage the marines in combat out of respect, the Stealthsuits activated their stealth-fields and disappeared, leaving Brother Barbos, Brother Aras and a heavily wounded Brother Seramir alone among a sea of alien corpses.

There was about 30-35 kroot. There were four sternguard marines (typically a veteran squad is five, we removed one of the marines for some reason) and three stealthsuits. Every soldier was considered his own squad, except the shaper and his squad who were grouped together to protect him. He used the shaper profile except with three wounds and was armed with some type of power-sword.

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I have the dark vengeance limited edition box as starter. I got an extra dark angel squad of 10 minis and belial from dark angels. From chaos space marines i have except what the box has one maulerfiend/forgefiend box still unasembled and one chaos space marines normal troops of 10 minis. So the question is what army should i expand and make my own dark angels or chaos space marines? I like them both equally. Help me decide elegan/tg/entlemen.

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What's a good loadout for a five-man Company Veterans squad, melee or otherwise?

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Hey /tg/
Ive been collecting Warhammer 40k chaos space marines for awhile just because I have liked to paint them and work on them but am looking to get into playing the tabletop. Here is what I have currently and am looking for advice on what else I should get.

My current army:
20 Chaos Space Marines
10 Khorne Beserkers
5 Terminators
5 Possessed Chaos Marines
2 Rhinos
1 Land Raider
1 Defiler
1 Abaddon the Despoiler
1 Daemon Prince

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For very basic Space Marine games:
-Experience 400
-Power Armor: 10/10, Adds 2 to Strength, +2 to perception rolls with helmet.
-Attributes and Skills can go to 7.
-Space Marines get their standard equipment for free

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No one cares, really.
Dark angel is the correct spelling.
Indeed. Closet Marines with dark secrets incoming this spring.

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>I wouldn't go Slaanesh because thats just pleasures of flesh, and only grants momentary happiness.

Thats kinda what makes her a chaos god... its momentary and fleeting and you will always be seeking more

>I wouldn't go Khorne because i'm not some bumbling imbecile who aches for the taste of blood.

You've never hated someone or something so intensely that you just wanted to pick up the nearest sturdy object and smash said things face in? You've never been in some kind of competition where you just could feel the adrenaline pumping through you surging you on-words to crush the opposition?

For those are the provinces of Khorne... not brutish killing only. The Lust to crush the puny and weak for the glory of yourself.

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so chaos seems to be the way to go so far,
whats this about traitor guard though?

also self bump

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Sup /tg/,

I'm working on a w40k project, although I don't know what form it will take yet (tabletop army, rpg, or some combination of those).

Anyway, for the purposes of this project I need information on Space Marines that serve no chapter; rogue marines that have not fallen to chaos, but live for themselves. The type of marine that might hire himself out as a soldier of fortune.

Any examples of these types of marines?

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