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I think that's what mostly appeals to me running games of star wars in an RPG format is that I can get back to the roots of heroic adventure against a tyrannical empire without having to mass-appeal to anyone but my players.
That and 'heroic struggle' doesn't necessarily have to be cute, fluffy or PG rated.
Its dangerous, violent, sometimes without hope in its darkest hours and they don't have 50ft of plot armour to save them from some of the more horrible shit. Sometimes the heroes die

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Star Wars RPG character thread?

I'm trying to find a picture of a stuffy male Noble. Human preferably (because filthy aliens can't possibly possess wealth) but it's not strictly necessary.

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>Currently forever GM for my group
>We play in the share-house where two of the group live
>Set up the group via facetube in a group my friends made
>First session is a huge success
>Second session, another guy joins
>New to RPGs but creates interesting characters and picks up the rules quickly
>More fun
>End of second session
>That Guy posts in the facespace group that he wasn't invited abloo-bloo-bloo
>Didn't invite anyone, just posted about it and people rocked up

>That Guy rocks up when we explain that he's welcome to join in
>Shows very little interest
>Constantly wants to re-roll his characters
>If he has a question about any of the systems we use, he asks one of the guys who lives there instead of me
>If he can't make it, he'll post about it 10 minutes after everyone else rocked up, then tell one of the guys who lives there why instead of me

>Once That Guy rocks up on time
>That Guy gets bored while I'm setting up
>Goes home before I even finish arranging my notes

>Last week
>Halfway through a SWSaga campaign and one of the guys who lives there was out of town for the weekend
>That Guy cancels as well, naturally not telling me why
>Told the other guy that lives there why
>He won't play if the guy who went home isn't playing

From this I have deduced the following:
1) That Guy is a busy-body who must be involved in anything that could potentially be fun
2) That Guy is only there to hang out with one of us
3) That Guy doesn't have any interest in RPGs

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>We get it, Jar-Jar sucks, can we get back to the encounter?

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Not sure if this qualifies.

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So is Dune, and actual Star Trek(reboots are entertaining but aren't really star trek.), but people still enjoy it, and as well as discussing it.

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Because when I played YGO it was like a decade ago and I only ever saw japanese versions of these cards, and stopped watching the show after the first season, what the hell do these cards do, if you don't mind my asking?

pic unrelated

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Where once was a Republic, now there is an Empire
We see our rights burn in the fire
I used to be be the lowest of low
Now to the Emperor I bow.

Storm trooper!
White armor and blaster
Storm trooper!
No servant but a master
Storm Trooper!
Your family clean by a droid duster.

Non humans claiming for mercy
To Tarkin's order, just heresy
Dark side fueling my veins
As see drop dead those beings.

Storm trooper
White armor and blaster!
Storm trooper
No a servant but master!
Storm trooper
See your family clean by a droid duster.

The rebel scum is here
The Emperor's will must be done
The damn droids aren't there
I salute to martyrdom!

Storm trooper!

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>implying either IG or Imperial troopers doctrine has them fighting straight up
>implying we haven't done IoM vs. Empire a bajillion times
>implying that despite /tg/'s rampant 40k hardon, Empire wins every goddamn time
>because it's true
>no really, let's not start

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I was torn between anime angry veins and this.

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It was cancel for unknown reason, meanwhile, Lucas Arts is developing Star Wars 1313 - a game which set you into the criminal underworld of Coruscant. Also know as Uncharted in a galaxy far far away.
Anyway, it look like fun, just hope it doesn't become fucked up during development.

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>Not liking HFY

Traitors and heretics.

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Yup. Just make sure he's a Caster for one of those two, or he's gonna be shit. At least with 4th, you can conceivably do a solo campaign with any class (though, of course, Defender or Leader would be easier than, say, Controller).

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>Star Wars RPG
there's basically three of them, and here's the run-down:

WEG SW d6: uses d6, has a great original trilogy feel, lots of people prefer it for the nostalgia

SW d20: this is an official, straight 3.x conversion, and it's marginally okay, though it does have some weird EU crap in it, and has mechanical weaknesses all over the place

SW Saga Edition: this is the latest (and only recently discontinued), and covers the entire 6 movies worth of material. It's a proto-4th edition D&D, so it combines bits and parts of what worked in 3e and 4e. It's much more mechanically sound than d20, though it has some remarkably bad game design decisions (like the stupid level or reflex mechanic, or condition track recursion, which I'm not going to rant about), that are usually quite easy to fix.

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Stories of you being That Guy but realising it only when it was too late.


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I'm assuming this means that I can post stormtroopers too.

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