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Is it possible to build a decent budget simic merfolk deck with the new commander? Like under $100 while still being good in casual EDH. Seems like a lot of the better Merfolk get a little pricey.

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New kid in my EDH group is awkward and says rude shit often, adds unnecessary curse words in every sentence, definitely on the spectrum. Seems like he's trying to joke around but it comes out totally wrong. He has successfully pissed off both the women in the group and two of the less sociable male players. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but people are starting to ask to boot him from the group.

What do

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Oh wow, so if you had Ramos and Deadeye and Soul of the Harvest you could go pretty much infinite right? Like could just dump your entire deck onto the board.

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Will Admiral Beckett Brass need to focus on making pirates unblockable/fear/intimidate etc to be viable?

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Guys I think the answer is this. For some reason... I think it was like.. The strongest creature in some mono green precon? I've heard so many people mention this card.

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For me it will always be Thorn Elemental with the 7th edition art. I remember getting a computer game that taught you magic and came packaged in a box with its art for christmas when i was a kid and it hooked me.

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You were saying?

look how smug this motherfucker is

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I've forgotten the deck name, but it had a Thorn Elemental in it and came with a CD with a demo of how to play the game.

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Okay, thanks! I'll be sure to use this to my advantage in the future.

To continue the thread discussion, what's the best card you own? Pic related. I'd love to combo this with the Invoker at some point.

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