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Bumping with pic

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Inquisitor Trajan of the Ordo Xenos ducked under a somewhat ostentatious idol to the machine god and stepped into the cramped strategum. The man studying the holo-tank's projection saw him and waved him over:
"Ah, Inquisitor, I'm glad to see-"
"You may dispense with the pleasantries Captain. What do you want?"
The Inquisitor's respirator hissed meaningfully as he glared at the station's captain. The captain swallowed, and gestured at the display in front of him.
"Our adepts have been intercepting Tau service announcements and communicates. What they have discovered is worrying to say the least. He pressed a key, and the message recorded by Adept Cestus a day earlier echoed out of the holo-tank's speakers. As the message played, the captain glanced at the Inquisitor's face. It may have just been the dim light cast by the projection, but the inquisitor looked like he was turning white. When it finished, Trajan moved past the captain and began to press keys on the holo-tank.
"Are these messages coming from all the Tau worlds?"
The Captain nodded and reached past the Inquisitor to press a rune.
"Yes my lord, except from the so-called Farsight Enclaves, only two Tau worlds are broadcasting communications similar to the old ones. He pointed at the display,
"Of these two, one has been almost completely overrun by the corrupted Tau, and the other is under siege. It appears to be trying to evacuate its population to the Farsight Enclaves."
"You said the Enclaves were still broadcasting normally."
The Captain made a face,
"Not exactly, my lord. Not a single communication, corrupt or otherwise has come from the Enclaves for months."
The Inquisitor's respirator wheezed.
"I need to take this to the Ordo." He turned to the captain.
"I must depart as quickly as possible, tell me, what was the last ship that you detected heading for the Enclaves?"
"An Imperial ship, sir. It was tagged with the Inquisitorial seal, so we didn't repor-"
"How long ago was this?"

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Story time: I'm running The Haarlock Legacy, and one of my players found a unique combi-tool/Multi-tool thing. On the seat of my pants, I've given it something like an "All Tool" sort of property. Need to weld a seam? Boom, Combi-tool spontaneously shifts to welding torch. Need to open a door? Crowbar. So far, He's kept it secret from others. Additionally, the only thing special, aside from the size is the unnatural heaviness and a general presence of unease with the psyker.

So, I need ideas. What can I do with this item to make it simultaneously useful, interesting, and intensely dangerous?


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Anyone else smell that...


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The Inquisitorial badge is granted from the high-lords of terra, and basically presenting it to *anyone* says "I have authority one step removed from the emperor himself to do whatever the fuck I want and if you don't do what *I* tell you, the people higher up than me are going to be *very* unhappy with you"... at least in theory...

Style 1 of the inquisitorial badge is the skull with the I stamped on it

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Everyone suspects the Warhammer Inquisition.

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Its happened /tg/. I have finally gotten a group together to play a Warhammer 40k campaign. I have written out special rules for over two years, carefully crafted stories for every win, loss and draw. I have had setbacks, i have had people walk into and out of this project for those two horrible years. Ive had writers block, friendships crumble and nagging wife that would stop me to run her pathfinder and DnD games for her hipster friends.

I have fallen to my knees in exhaustion, doing a night job and taking care of my children. I have thrown out countless cords of paper, shed many tears and sweated over perceived deadlines that I placed upon myself.

Two years /tg/, Two years, a new edition, countless setbacks and trials, gains and losses of players both good and bad.

do you ask /tg/...Do you ask for my work?

TL:DR Campaign general the people who build them.

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"Sorry commander... maybe you can punish me later? tee hee"

but seriously... anyone want to talk about my list...or what campaign im in...or even question my sexuality or prowess in bed?

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Title is 'nobility'. Old noble alien fighter lady? Promising so far.


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I like it, but maybe not this time. You got the philosophy though, which is moderate. 'Inquisitors of a moderate bent are neither frothing fanatics nor entirely sceptical figures, preferring the middle path in their investigations. They do not condone the use of non-Imperial weaponry, but they are not big on mass burnings at the stake either.'


Inquisitor X the Negotiator (of planet Y?) maybe?

Roll twice for methodology, build up her character.

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Have a =I= wallpaper.

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BAhahaha I laughed, hard.

Heresy, someone get the Inquisition.

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Poor old guy has no title. Now it gets interesting - does the old geezer love HERESY or is he all about BURN THE WITCH?

Also, have a wallpaper.

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hey /tg/, thinking about posting a story i wrote in the 40k universe from a while back. should i do it? pic not really related

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i had a thread for this the other day, but im modeling a death watch kill team, and i now have an additional seat open in it, so i would like to add an emperors night mare marine to it. all i need is war gear and a name, any thoughts guys?

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Just gettin' this one out of the way.

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I play a mixed Inquisition force near Ballard. Just let me know when you want to get together, and I'm all about it. I'm leaving for a week's vacation tomorrow, but when I'm back, we should definitely play with some tiny dice and little army men.

I would almost shiv my own mother for a chance to jump into a DH group. Count me in.

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Inquistors here - this thread reeks of heresy.

Exterminatus. Period.

And yet they've been trying this for ages except the only race without its own agenda are the orks. They just fight. Every other race has a goal that seems to mean they'd much rather fight humanity.

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>is it worth playing?
Very yes. Hard to wrap your head around at first, but goes really quick when everything finally clicks. The atmosphere can vary a good deal over the course of a campaign or stay the same.

Solid system, makes for amazing "you had to be there" sort of moments, gives a small enough piece of the setting that you don't run into the more derpy parts (which your GM could still brush aside).

It's still 40k, the exact tone may be hard to get down, there are quite a few idiosyncrasies in the system.

Base DH could do a more modern setting with very little work. The farther you take it, the more you'll have to do but with the very basics of the system quite a lot is possible. See also: AdEva.

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