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WS 35
BS 33
S 30
T 36
Ag 33
Int 31
Per 34
WP 32
Fel 35

Looks like a pretty boring stat line to me, what does /tg/ think? Any career/reroll suggestions?

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I'll see what I can find.

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Thanks mate, I really appreciate it.

For the record, if anyone has any advice for my friends I'd also appreciate it and share it with them. So far I only know their rolls (and the career for one of them who wanted to be the Arch-Militant).

Weapon Skill 29
Ballistic Skill 45
Strength 34
Toughness 42
Agility 41
Intelligence 32
Perception 41
Willpower 43
Fellowship 30

Weapon Skill 45
Ballistic Skill 30
Strength 42
Toughness 35
Agility 38
Intelligence 32
Perception 40
Willpower 45
Fellowship 29

Weapon Skill 29
Ballistic Skill 36
Strength 42
Toughness 32
Agility 42
Intelligence 38
Perception 44
Willpower 43
Fellowship 43

Weapon Skill 38
Ballistic Skill 28
Strength 35
Toughness 27
Agility 30
Intelligence 44
Perception 29
Willpower 41
Fellowship 42

Weapon Skill 36
Ballistic Skill 29
Strength 34
Toughness 43
Agility 36
Intelligence 41
Perception 45
Willpower 34
Fellowship 33

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/tg/, I need help! I'm going to play some Rouge Trader in 40,123, but... I'm stuck. I don't know what to do now. My character is supposed to be DAKKA! and former HERESY!, 35 years old, from New Terra, last few years tortured, released due to diminishing mental capacity, moving to Molov to 'start new life'.

Which bolter should I choose?

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Fair warning, I've only got the vaguest understanding of 40k lore.

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First time GM of Rogue Trader here, how do I make playing the Seneschal fun for a player? I can see how they'd be really important and influential in a politicking campaign but the group as a whole have called for an Explorative, sandbox-esque campaign. What does the Seneschal bring to this type of campaign?

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Damnit, forgot pic...

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Help me save my captain.

Captain/Rogue Trader has been possessed by some form of demon in a giant ice sword. It was found in the recently dead hands of a thousand year old rogue trader. He's got plenty of bloodlust now and is cold to the touch etc. He has recently reached possession level 3, according to the GM. I don't know what that means. I am his faithful accountant (Seneschal). I am the only one who knows where all our holdings are based.

I'm the only character so far to have seen him acting supernatural. The captain is pretty sure he's still sane, and the sort to react badly to the issue being raised. Our warp journeys have been perilous, such that large portions of our crew rebelled due to food running out. He had them put down. Further rabble rousers (and their children) he's put down himself. In their sleep. With his giant ice sword.

He wants to ensure loyalty, so has created his own mini SS. His idea to band them together was to commit an atrocity together. It involved killing the highest ranking priest on our ship (whatever the PC equiv is) and the group drinking each others blood from his skull. He didn't tell my character about it, even though we're totally bro and because the demon told him not to. The demon really doesn't like my character, probably because I'd like to get the demon out of him. I haven't expressed my knowledge of his posession to anyone else. If it helps, I have a twice-blessed melta gun. Should I straight up destroy the sword? He loves that thing. He currently sleeps with it, when he isn't stalking the decks chopping ratings in half.

We've just landed on some godforsaken wheat-based agri world. Some visiting archeotech expert wants us to steal some nameless archeotech from an ex imperial navy planetary govenor in some other system, in exchange for riches and a broken ancient thinking machine.

Wat do?

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Navigators are religious, in the same way that nobles are religious: some are devout, some pay lip service, all are aware that the ecclesiarchy, all questions of sanctity aside, is a powerful institution.

But the more interesting conundrum is that you may have abandoned faith for matter-of-fact belief.

Missionary: Without the light of the Emperor, all our souls would be lost!

Navigator: Yes. Without the light of the Emperor, the Astronomican, which is right there, 30 degrees off the bow, we would be lost.

Missionary: We must be ever vigilant, for daemons ever hunger for the souls of weak-minded men!

Navigator: Yeah, the warp's full of em. They're real damn ugly. I try to steer around the big ones.

Missionary: Only true faith in the emperor can protect us from the horrors of the warp!

Navigator: Yes, pure faith has an observable effect on warp manifestations.

Basically, what are to him devout articles of faith, are to you simple facts. You don't need him preaching about the Emperor's light. You can SEE it.

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Rogue trader and ethnically diverse crew searching for treasure. They only ever fight Necrons (because violence against robots is ok) and use harmless energy weapons like in old GI Joe cartoons.

In they end, they find that the true treasure was friendship. Although the amusingly-greedy seneschal breaks down crying when he sees the empty vault.

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When I'm not GMing- Alessaunder Vendigroth Holt, missionary who faithfully serves the Emperor, but has a bit of a creative interpretation of holy writ. Probably too profit-oriented and open-minded for the 41st century Ecclisiarchy.

When he's not GMing -- Explorator Torque, head Mechanicus representative. Thinks bio-engineering beats even machines, and is supremely open-minded regarding xenotech and heretek. Currently thinks he just made bros with an AI- or Daemon-possessed space station, despite losing a tenth of his sanity and sixteen odd corruption. Received 'Deceive' as an elite advance after hilarious lying his way onto and off of an enemy ship without the skill.

His Grace King Brutus Reynard Ignatius Constantine Kingsblood IV: Arch Militant, king of his death world, dead 'ard, and swordsman to kill spacemarines. (If I get a chance, I'm sending him up against a tyranid warrior from Deathwatch at some point. One to three of them.) Extremely intelligent and soft-spoken, but poorly educated and not the most socially-versed of people, due to being a deathworlder with half a dozen augmentations and implant. Started out as bodyguard for Explorator Torque. Has tendency to explod

Astropath Transcendant Vladimir -- Co-captain with Torque. No conception of 'privacy' or 'personal space'. Company officer, here to make sure the ship turns a profit. Basically a Lawful neutral-edging-on-evil Jedi.

That Filthy Mutant -- warp-tainted arch militant who eats raw meat, has fucked up internal anatomy, and white wings. Has been mistaken for an angel. Vladimir has taken an interest in her and prohibited Alessaunder from killing her. Torque has been fucking around with her, and has convinced her that he knows how to make her a sanctioned mutant. (Blatant lies.)

Picture unrelated.

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