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I'll dump my fighter folder if somebody can post some NPCs/Townsfolk type pics. I always need more non-adventurer characters for my campaigns.

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Lord General Grammoth
- Lives in a Fortified Castle on the costal Island of Valthron,
- advised by Trell, his Steward, and Vallenthrallna the Drgaon
>Vallenthrallna is a Giant Benevolent Manta Dragon, who comes from the sea which surrounds the island nation and has declared Grammoth to be the rightful king of Valthron. She is capable of attending court in her Human Form and he often requrests her presence as she I Intelligent and Cunning. She is also skilled in Magic and has induced a metal Bond with the new ruler. Her Enhanced breath-weapon of water jets is mighty,
- Grammoth is a Great Diplomatic Leader and has become a student of magics under Vallentrallna, who commonly wears a suit of Runic Armor.
> Diplomat, Natural Leader, Study, Enchantment, Runic Armor.
- In his service are Guild Master Blann, Guard Captain Thomas and his squadron, Sirs Kowin, Michaels, and Sammon of the Royal Calvary, Captain Davids, Spy Master Constantine, Monk Iattson, Head Merchant Petterson, Master Worker Tompson, and Master Blacksmith Arval, Pirate Captain Divisis, Black Knight Orldon, his cook Clare, and Sivis; his loyal apprentice.
- However, there is a local king on the mainland who sought to take claim of the island in the death of the prior ruler, and now seeks to usurp Grammoth before he can take hold of his new lands.

There should be a game like this, turn-based castle/army building.
Like advanced-fantasy-Catan.

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yeah, it adds a nice flair to it

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I should have at least a couple

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The Paladin I never got to play had was in the midst of an identity crisis. His mentor died telling him that he was a disappointment, despite the fact that he was one of the highest ranking members of the order and a war hero. He was realizing that his entire life he was used as a tool of violence and that it was contrary to his god's teaching. The cognitive dissonance lead him on a Buddhist style journey to find spiritual enlightenment and truly understand the holy scripture of his religion.

I really wanted to play that character.

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A friend of mine is looking to start a 3.5 D&D Gestalt Campaign. Every character has to have at least one of these classes as one half of their build up to level 4:

Dread Necro
Dragon Shaman
Spirit Shaman

I had the idea of going Beguiler||Warblade using Beguiler for defensive buffs and utility, while warblading it up, and then had the idea of going with combat-expertise and allied defense, as well as War-Weaver to give the whole party plenty of defenses. One the Warblade side I kinda like the idea of playing a Jade Phoenix Mage.

But I've run into a problem. I feel like I'm either lacking lockdown(which I could correct with a tripping weapon/improved trip or something like stand-still), will wind up spending my turns just maintaining status quo(doing no real damage myself while also preventing any real damage being taken) or will have to spread myself too thin between buffing, defense, and offense.

Being a Jade-Phoenix Mage would be great if someone knows how to make it really work for this kinda thing, but I care much more about being a tanky-buffer while not being boring to play.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Source on that image?

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So, my roommates and I are starting kingmaker, we have already saved Oleg from the group of bandits and managed to just knock out the cloaked leader leading the 3 other bandits. I don't really want any spoilers, but I would like to know how to progress my paladin in my party so that it would make things easier.

Str: 14
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 13
Wis: 10
Cha: 18
I am currently wielding a Greatsword, taking the Orolovsky Noble Family Trait, Threatening Defender Trait, Combat Expertise and Fast Learner Feats. Skills I'm concentrating on are Diplomacy, Sensemotive, Knowledge Nobility, and Heal.

We are still level 1, and we only have a Dwarf monk concentrating on battlefield control. We /did/ have a gnome alchemist, however, he was snapped in two by a bear trap crit when he failed his disable device check by 7. Another player WILL be joining us, but we don't know quite yet what he will go. I assume Wizard, Magus, or Cleric in all honesty.

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One of you has it. I know you do.

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