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Reminder Heresy grows from idleness, which is basically not playing dawn of war with /tg/ bros. Stop in for games, it's pretty fun and we take all skill caps and enjoy ourselves.

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Boy I sure do hope that there are no heretics in this thread
it would be a real shame if I had to purge everyone

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Gotta feel bad for the BA. They had the best primarch, had him killed, lost a shit load of men, and had Ward pall them with the 'crons some how.

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I've go a question for you?

every weak our local Autistic / 'Espergic' (sp?) is the GM in werewolf apocalypse 20th anniversary Edition. What i am like i download a copy of the rule book so i could read the rules.

this leads me to find out that the magical tattoos with in the game (which are fetishes or close to). these allow weapons or other items to be boned to the PC's skin. the question was does it have to be full size or can it be small enough to put on the skin but when activated it will come full sized. so whats the deal with it TG please help?

Also yes OP is a fag and a noob.

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I sure hope there's no heresy in this thread

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>Superior Gene Seed

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Apparently SoBs don't get corrupted (at least not on purpose) too often. One good idea I heard was to make 'em imitators- normal chaos nerds and morons trying to mock the Sisters by dressing in a similar fashion. Otherwise I don't think it'd be fitting, corrupted SoBs. But hey, do what you will.

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Reportan in

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Not an author, but my GM is one and we're currently playing a homebrew setting where interplanetary war is solved the same way as in his short stories: Surrender or the planet will be annihilated.
Granted, the government is a totalitarian dictatorship of AI super robots and loyalty is enforced by PSI agents and brainwashing, so interplanetary wars are somewhat rare.
Pic kinda related, I guess that's his inspiration.

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Jesus why did I look at this?

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>I can't stop obsessing myself over the God Emperor of Mankind and the Imperium of Man.
This is the appropriate reaction to hearing the truth of the Emperor.

>I'm reciting the Libation to the Emperor prayer and I'm going over a PDF of the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer left, right and center. I've even started working out in a hope to "better myself for the Emperor and for mankind". I couldn't make this shit up if I tried my hardest.
Excellent work, Imperial citizen. You will go on to glory and honor in the Imperial Guard.

>Is it reasonable to interpret this entire thing as a legitimate religion and continue with what I'm doing?
It is not only reasonable, it is expected.

You are well on your way, Imperial citizen. Continue your service to the Emperor, and do your duty in His service.

Carry on, Imperial citizen. Carry on.

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Sup, /tg/ i sure hope this is none of your quirky copyright exploits.
Otherwise i'd have to take action.

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Does that mean it's like triple-heresy, or does it double back around into being so abhorrent to Slaanesh that it HAS to be kosher for the Imperium?

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Greetings Imperial citizens! What's going on in thi-



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You heretic scum!
The God-Emperor is the mankind incarnate

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I need the points for the following:

One Captain
One Librarian

A Space Marine Command Squad with the Apothecarius.

A Space Marine Assault Squad of five mans without anything.

A Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought with a Dreadnought close combat weapon with a storm bolter and a heavy bolter and a dropod as attached vehicle.

A Space Marine Tactical Squad of 10 mans, with one Sergeant, a flamethrower and a rocketlauncher.

A Space Marine Tactical Squad of 10 mans, with one Sergeant, a flamethrower and a rocketlauncher with a Razorback as attached vehicle.

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Oh shit! I thought he made this thread with the codex today and not yesterday.
I what I see in the summary didnĀ“t really answer my questions.

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