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It is revealed in the Blood Ravens campaign in Retribution who the traitor in Chaos Rising was. So, play that one last.

Honestly, if you play Orks first, all the other races' campaigns seem lackluster in comparison.

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>Play as Orks first
>This is hilarious, I love this
>Play as other races
>Why do only 3 of them talk? I don't get it, why?
>Play as Eldar
>Realize that Eldar Victory clearly won't be canon, still glad Taldeer got killed in Dark Crusade
>Play as remaining races, leave Blood Ravens for last
>Game is kind of boring, no fun dialogue or fun abilities after experiencing the Ork campaign
>I hate Steve Blum Eliphas, I want old Eliphas back, waaaah
>Tarkus is the Ancient, implies traitor from Chaos Rising was Avitus, but never directly says
That last bit was disappointing. I really wanted it to Cyrus, after all.

But what ticks me off the most is that I now have to use the Diomedes and Eliphas voices in Multiplayer. No more Vanilla Ice and Araghast voices.
And you can only use Bluudflagg as your warboss skin if you buy DLC? What kind of crap is that?

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brb playing DoW 2 now

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"A quest for this hat was undertaken by the notable hero Kaptin Bluddflagg. He slew elves, orcs, humans, giant insects, and even demons to get a chance to steal this hat from the notorious Fuego de la Adrastia."

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No, that's Ghaz. Bluddflagg is just cunnin' enough to sneak up on Inquisitors.

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Doesn't matter. If he wants it, he'll take it.

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Kind of looks like that one Sororitas chick on the cover of that one book, doesn't she?

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