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are crisis suits allowed? i could only see firewarriors/pathfinders/stealthsuits in the main book.

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My boys. Hopefully the codex makes them viable again.

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I don't like Tau.
I don't want to pay what they'll be charging for them.
I'm becoming increasingly disenfranchised with GW.

But oh my god, those XV8's are lovely. Really, really want a box of those. The commander, especially, is outstanding.

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That sounds like a great idea.

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So do we know how these things are piloted?

Are they controls? neural interface? motion sensors? A combination of them all?

I'm thinking AI driven based on neural interface prompts for some of the functions, while pedals control speed and thrust, while the arms are controlled by motion sensing gauntlets.

I look at the stealthsuits and those are obviously just mechanized armor. But battlesuits like the crisis, enforcer, broadside, or even riptide are more vague.

Is there anywhere in fiction or the books that describe battlesuit piloting?

Oh and an optional question: what FFG 40k rpg book gives stats about Tau enemies or being a Tau player?

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pew pew

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Question. Can you run Terminators or Nobz in smaller units then five? My Crisis suits can be run 1-3 a unit.

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Hey /tg/,
So I've been doing a bit of 40k and infinity with friends lately, and when we game, we usually set up the table using anything we can find around the room, potted plans, shoes, carboard boxes, etc.
My question here is what do you guys use as impromptu cover/terrain? Also what do you guys use if you make your own?

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I'd like to make a Tau army. Should I buy the Battleforce to start? How many points will a battleforce give me?

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Battle force box, and that in itself would be a complete army (using the crisis suit as a commander), I'd suggest, getting at least 4 pathfinders from there and 3 more crisis suits. and that would be a good start.

If you get a tiny hand drill and some tiny magnets even better for your suits, its really easy to magnetise them to be able to switch out weapon options, (at first i used sticky tack though)

Tau i can do easily.

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Who says they're not Tau?

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You just enter the Crisis Zone, Shas'Vre.



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I mean, I'll keep dumping, just curious

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Welcome bond brother.

Join me in my efforts. This thread shall be a testament to Tau superiority soon enough.

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