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Look closely.

Horus has a happy codpiece. Why is his dickflap so happy?

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>Well, in the novels, Horus didn't have any discontent.

There was this bit in Horus Rising though:

>‘Why have we been told so little about the warp, sir?’ Loken asked. He looked directly into Horus’s wide-set eyes as he asked the question.

>‘Because so little is known,’ the Warmaster replied. ‘Do you know why I am Warmaster, my son?’

>‘Because you are the most worthy, sir?’

>Horus laughed and, pouring another glass of wine, shook his head. ‘I am Warmaster, Garviel, because the Emperor is busy. He has not retired to Terra because he is weary of the crusade. He has gone there because he has more important work to do.’

>‘More important than the crusade?’ Loken asked.

>Horus nodded. ‘So he said to me. After Ullanor, he believed the time had come when he could leave the crusading work in the hands of the primarchs so that he might be freed to undertake a still higher calling.’

>‘Which is?’ Loken waited for an answer, expecting some transcendent truth.

>What the Warmaster said was, ‘I don’t know. He didn’t tell me. He hasn’t told anyone.’

>Horus paused. For what seemed like an age, the wind banged against the longhouse shutters. ‘Not even me,’ Horus whispered. Loken sensed a terrible hurt in his commander, a wounded pride that he, even he, had not been worthy enough to know this secret.

>In a second, the Warmaster was smiling at Loken again, his dark mood forgotten. He didn’t want to burden me,’ he said briskly, ‘but I’m not a fool. I can speculate. As I said, the Imperium would not exist but for the warp. We are obliged to use it, but we know perilously little about it. I believe that I am Warmaster because the Emperor is occupied in unlocking its secrets. He has committed his great mind to the ultimate mastery of the warp, for the good of mankind. He has realised that without final and full understanding of the Immaterium, we will founder and fall, no matter how many worlds we conquer.’

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Horus and half of the other Primarchs rebelled against their Father, the God Emperor of Mankind.

Many died during this, including Sanguinius of the Blood Angels. That Chapter still feels the repercussions of that to this day, 10,000 years later. That was not the only ramification of the Heresy either...

Big E was mortally wounded by Horus in his attempt to save his son, before he decided he could not and had to kill Horus himself.

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Indeed, but in the best way possible, you can't deny that.

I mean, considering it is a direct result of their fucking Primarch marching knowingly toward his doom, in order to do what he had to do for the Emperor, and instead of the psychic trauma ruining the legion forever, they were able to overcome it to still be around 10,000 years later, albeit with a flaw. A flaw that, because they fight it every day, makes them arguable stronger than some mary sue chapter.

That's pretty fucking intense and I can't blame them for losing some cool, all said and done.

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>Space Marine Chapter
I choose Space Wolves. They growl and howl in battle while riding giant wolf, scream "For Russ and the Allfather" warcry which sounds nostalgic and romantic to me. And they are nordic culture oriented berserkers. Their bio angers me though, Russ derped to Warp leaving his chapter alone and without so needed guidance and they who say fuck to all authority, were forced by circumstances and the possibility of too risky civil war, to not rebel against how Lords of Terra treated some human veterans of 13th Black Crusade (death and work camps baby )

When I think of this race two words circle in my mind: beautiful and majestic. The Eldars who survived The War in Heaven and fury of Oldcrons, created perfectly harmonic, peacefully existing and exploring cosmos civilization. I would love these guys and paint their figures, but I cant stand the shit they are trying to pull, by accusing all other races of presumption and arrogance combined with fake pride, when their race is dying gradually in agony for milions of years because of these 3 things. They created Chaos, they are being rusling jimmies arrogant in dealing with humans ( they tried to assassinate most of imperium's primarchs or spoken in fuckin riddles every time they tried to warn imperium, knowning humans simple mindedness and short existing span in cosmos.

So I go for Dark Eldar. I love their stunning science, pure evilness without chaoslike madness and edgy aesthetics.

I must admit I cant understand why people would like tyrranids. To me they are disgusting worms without honor and logic (biospam destroying solid materials and threatening Necrons or Chaos, gooby pls )

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The Horus Heresy book 1 (Betrayal) will have rules for playing Space Marine Legions.

Each Legion gets a unique special rule for all space marines. Book 1 covers: Luna wolves, Death Guard, Emperor's Children and World Eaters

Each Legion is getting a unique elites option.

Each Legion is getting a unique HQ wargear options.
Primarchs are Apocalypse only and pretty awesome. Book 1 covers Mortarion, Angron and Fulgrim. No rules for Horus until the Battle for Terra book.

Space marines are fearless and a basic marine is 16 pts with bolter, bp, ccw and their legion rule or generic place holder.

Super heavy tanks are in, but are BS4 with space marine crew.

Non Space Marine Forces
Guard are in the list and operate like platoons from the 40k dex. Essentially being a list within a list needing command + 2 units and can then take others.

They can't blob, but they can be taken in squads up to 30 anyways.

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Warhammer 40k = Lord of the Rings
Horus Heresy series = Silmarillion

Deal with it.

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Did Warhammer invent grimdark?

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rolled 3, 13, 15, 11, 2, 3, 18, 20, 13 = 98

Let's give this a shot.

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Rejected =[

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Assuming the Emperor wakes up, after the initial shock of meeting the new Imperium, assuming he doesn't take over without a second thought, what will happen when someone explains him that the Inquisition is necessary to fight the ruinous powers?

Will he meditate about it?

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Are those supposed to be stairs? The perspective is fucked up.

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Whatever the Empra is holding in this pic

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>Guilliman was kind of a dick about putting his Codex Astartes into force

>implying that the codex astartes was not the best thing to happen to the space marines, allowing them to cover more area and thus defend the imperium better by splitting them into smaller groups and removing the possibility of a second Horus heresy

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Dear /tg/
I got into 40k with a Chaos army, not knowing that they were pretty UP compared to everything else, and were basically just bland spikey marines, then I went to Dark Eldar which are goddamn awesome. My question is, why are CSM so bad, outside of using a hurr durr 2 lash prince 9 obliterator strat? Why ;_;

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Just a thought i was having the other day, how different would the Heresey be if the loyal prims and the traitor prims had switched roles? say it had been the Dorian Heresey or the Guillaman Heresey instead of the Horus

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Why is there no working DL for Black Crusade out there? I´ve been literally searching my ass off to find that shit, but I only found the first five chapters so far.

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