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Cute cork.

I'm gonna put my cigars out in it.

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Just when we thought Artel could not possibly get any more based.

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Dude just paint a 1000 pt list first and then start expanding it. Set your goals.

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You don't.
3.5 had a feat where you could have you undead do Ice damage from their attacks- And Fell animate lets you often make zombies of unconventional Undead-
Like Fleas
So kill some livestock and enjoy the ability to drop armies dead by bluff/spellcraft checks to make it look like you're a necromancer so powerful a wave of a hand drops an army dead, when it's really just swarms of fine Fleas that NO ONE can sense or see, because they're undead, and are even quieter than regular fleas, next to abilities that let one see through the eyes of the undead, granting you an intelligence/datamining network as Strong as the Salient Deific abilities of Tharizdun, or Lloth.

Nevermind the fact that Ravenloft has fleas THAT ARE CAPABLE OF DRIVING PEOPLE MAD WITH THEIR BIOTOXINS.

And of course, there's the Vermin Lord, a PrC which turns you into a Hivemind of various insects, and Isn't a template, so it's stacakle with the Worm that Walks Template, so you're a fucking candyman of pure nightmare that never ever, dies.

And then you're ultra fucked if we take the magical Viruses from Ravenloft into account.

And of course, there's Destructive retribution, so now every single person with a flea is a portable suicide bomber.

In addition to this, wrapping yourself with these fleas allows you to protect yourself from disease, other insects, and utilize them for all sorts of personal grooming and care, such as removing stains from clothing and the like.

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mfw there are no borders

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You just made this post to show me a picture of butts didn't you?

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Poster of this here post

Responding to this here post

I literally just wrapped up the game moments ago, and it kind of blew my mind. I take back my comments about everyone being evil and an asshole. Reasons in spoilers below

Ok so the pigs were the evil masterminds of it all. Which is really unexpected and very cool. Knowing that they orchestrated the famine, everyone else seems like a lot less of a jackass, even The Civilized, who I was absolutely sure was totally evil. One fuck of a plot twist and actually redeemed the setting in my eyes. So, as weird and sudden as this is, I will declare, yeah. TnT is a pretty good setting. 10/10 would enjoy with /tg/

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>lava spike
>in combo
Well magic conch is lava spike a combo deck?

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>Bible-black eldritch talents

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>systems where wizards can't cast literally any type of spell and only are barred from a handful of signature spells

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>cornered the villain
>he is losing
>unleashes his true power mid-fight
>teleports behind you
>"nothing personal, kid.."

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No, anon! You've gone too deep!

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>boar with lockpick

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The BUUUGS! They're comin' out of the fuckin' walls man!

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>saying magic is shit
>in D&D, a game about magic

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Secret of NIMH fucked me up as a kid. "Cute mice on an adventure! Yay! I love thOHSHIT THEY'RE STABBING EACH OTHER!"

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>(subject to the normal decay of memory; the ability does not inherently grant perfect recall unless you have that from elsewhere)

Speaking of this, is there a perfect recall perk that only works on /skills/?
Having a perfect photographic memory seems like it would be hellish. Imagine being able to recall every single embarrassing moment ever, perfectly, thousands of years later.

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