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that googly eyed bolter

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>implying they arent
And then it occurred to me that I had no unyuufex pictures.

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A ripper, rather.
'Nids, zerg, what's the difference really?

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Favorite Army: Tyranids, because OMNOMNOM that's why.
Also wonderful: Kreigers and Bolter Bitches

Least favorite: The only faction I can honestly say I have reason to hate is Space Wolves. Fuck those guys.

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Pick one.

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Give the 'Nids googly eyes.

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Hey OP.
Have some googly 'Nids.

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Glad /tg/ is working on a project like this. If a playable set is made, I'll print a bunch and try a game with my girlfriend. I'll even try to get pics.

And 'cause we're kinksters, I'll ask some soft-swappers if they'd like to play a bit sometime.
Pic unrelated, but should attract attention.

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hive fleet earthworm

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Fuck yeah googly eyes, they make me laugh so hard and I don't know why.

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Pyrovores eat metal and shit to bring back neccesary minerals to the hive fleet. Point of fact Pyro's are barely aware of fighting going on unless directed by the hive mind.

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I want to play against a GooglyNid army.

I would build one, but if I do 'nids, I'm going to do them Giger-style. Black with drybrushed/mottled/washed greys and 'ard coat to make 'em look all gooey like at the end of Alien or throughout Alien Resurrection.

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Meanwhile in the hivemind

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ok 2000 pts tomorrow against a dark eldar guy his first time playing the army and hes gonna have 100 plus warriors max of two vehicles(probably raiders) and a archon his goal is to webway portal me i play dark angels .any advice from people fighting against dark eldar in the past. what to expect etc any help would be appreciated also sorry for wall of text,

pic unrelated but dude googly nids

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What are some interesting Tyranid paint schemes that you guys have seen?

I'm trying to think up of a way to paint some old nids I dusted off recently. A couple of years back, I had a paint scheme in mind, but I can't say I particularly like it now. Red skin with gray carapace seems a bit boring now, and I'm thinking about either changing that slightly (maybe black carapace instead) or just giving the ones I've painted a Simple Green bath and starting over with something better. Can't really make up my mind, so I'm hoping that I might get a flash of inspiration from someone else. Doesn't need to be unique or anything, just interesting.

So, I'm looking for some inspiration as to how I should go about painting these nids. Any thoughts?

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