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though it makes sense that "Death's Champion" would be smart enough to keep his helmet on all the time as a matter of safety.

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>It makes children's wishes come true.
That it does, brother. That it does.

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for every 10 candidates for becoming a Space Marine, 9 will experience problems with the biomedical side of things, leaving 9/10 ginormous and super-strong and super-loyal defective marines for every 1 that makes it to serve the emperor.

These are what holds up a Hive City.

Inside every Hive city there is a column of resplendent Neo-Steel, and inside that stands, eternal and unwavering, a column of rejected Marines standing on each others shoulders, the bottom-most one standing on the bedrock and the top most one holding up the side of the hive in his hands via two ergonomic hyper-rubber hand grips.

Given nutrients via Mechanicus tubing linked into the Hive's waste reclamation systems, these rejects stand, unwavering in their resolve, knowing that if they should fall, so too would the empire's population centres (literally!).

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Can someone give me sauce on OP's pic because apparently it's not Wolf and Sister

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Anyone have the cobra in a stocking story?

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> "Did I ever tell you about... WAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!?"

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Care to elaborate?

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It means you're an attention whore, that's why nobody likes you for it. The only reason you're using a trip code is because you're trying to make a name for yourself on 4chan, trying to establish some sort of reputation.

You're an attention whore and a douche. That's why nobody likes you.

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Awesome. I have looked for thst image since tha last forever

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Moments drag on, as you stand silent with Angelina, awaiting the arrival of your teacher. The wind blowing gently in your face - billowing dust around the brown dead ground, far of in the distance you see a group of men run across the ground - mere black dots far of in the distance. The air tastes of planet, that curious sticking feeling in your nose, and the cold rush in your lungs as you take a deep breath. Its not unpleasant, but you prefer the air inside a ship to this any day. Its just so, full of "stuff" - you keep catching yourself wanting to sneeze but not quite being able to. Stuffing a hand into your jacket you feel the slate bellow your fingertips, waiting your command like always. Its then you start seeing it approach - a cloud of dust with a core of black anger. Its a blocky vehicle approaching you, you recognize it as the "transport" that your teacher arrived in last time. A heavy looking piece of moving steel. You and the rest of the kids begin to form up - knowing by experience that you don't want to be caught not standing at attention around a teacher - their previous urge not to stand next to you or Angelina evaporates as the group seem to collectively hold their breath while the black steely warmachine comes to a halt before you.

The hatch in the back opens, and out steps a single man - a red stormcloak and a steely face topped by a red hat. "I am Commissar Rim, welcome to your Practical" you recognize him. Its the man from your last practical.

>And its not 12:52 GMT+1 - I overslept today, which was great (not) so we missed about an hour of potential game time, so I pushed a head a bit. Sadly I've got real life commitments coming up. But we did blast through to the Practical.

>This way of doing Commissar Quest might continue in the future, as I can pull that of rather easily, and given how slow my updates are of late (working to improve) might be favorable? Is /tg/ alright with that?

>Sticking around for a bit, etc.

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S-sorry anon. I will be quiet now

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Its a shame because they look awesome

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But if they slaughter whole worlds without mercy or relent they're bound to kill a few Deamons in the process right?

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Its copy pasta from word. the list i used to organize my army. Made sense to me but i guess thats because it was my idea. ill fix it the next time I put up a list here.

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Battlesistah tears...

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Will dump random pics while waiting for replies.

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