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I've shared this idea with a few friends, and they seem to like it. I'll share it with you guys, a broader and probably more experienced audience, to get a second opinion.

First, we keep the old Law/Chaos axis and Good/Evil axis from the old alignment system around for reference.

Second, the alignments of non-outsiders would not use the Law/Chaos axis and Good/Evil axis directly. Instead, their alignment depends what afterlife they would go to if they died at that instant, and what afterlife they would go to if they lived their life as they saw fit to. If there are different parts of the particular afterlife that require slightly different ethics, that would also be noted. An easy example would be the different levels of the Nine Hells. A less obvious example would be Ysgard; when we think of Ysgard, we think of Kord's Ysgard, which is mostly a battlefield. However, Olidammara also claims a portion of Ysgard as his domain. This portion is a maze where your wits and reflexes are tested. Kord's Ysgard is to warriors as Olidammara's Ysgard is to thieves and rogues. I suspect those bound to the former seek glory in battle, while those bound to the latter are more inclined toward thievery and skulking about. There is also the fiery Muspelheim within Ysgard, which I have reason to believe is a place where some blacksmiths and crafters go.

This would tell players that not all characters of the same alignment have the same ethics, only similar ones (The LE that takes you to Acheron is not the same one that takes you to the Nine Hells. The LN that takes you to Acheron is not the one that takes you to Mechanus) and takes away the consequences for a character that likes to strattle the lines between 2 alignments. If it ever matters where a character is on the alignment chart, the DM just thinks to himself "How has this character been acting lately?" then applies reasoning and discretion to determine what the character's alignment is.

What do you guys make of it?

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Excuse me, but what's this "I'm sad meme" I've heard about? Does anyone have a sample of it?

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Eh, that's pretty good.....cavemen hunting mammoths from dragonnback had more immediate appeal, but you could easily come up with a plot in your world.

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