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>>If the Emperor protects, who protects the Emperor?
>>who protects the Emperor?
Everyone else of course. I mean this is not hard.

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A follow up on the previous mission. They got the datacore from the magos that supposedly contains critical information on the hive fleet dagon, now what? I'd like to avoid them fighting nids again. What did you guys do?

The datacore contains a somewhat disturbing amount of information on Tyranid cellular biology, focusing on its adaptive and regenerative properties. The unnamed author ruminates about the possibility of applying some of these techniques to human bioengineering.

Some of the location data buried in the core indicates that much of the text was inputted on a certain hive on a particular world. Cue the team having to go there and investigate. Maybe actually do a bit of social-type investigation and other peripheral damage control. For instance, you could have an underhive crimelord go OH FUCK THE INQUISITION IS HERE AND THEY'RE AFTER US and try to take the team out with extreme prejudice, despite being completely unrelated to the mission at hand. Of course, hive gangers aren't exactly a threat to spessmahreens; but you could spice it up with environmental threats and the like. Like, say, the crimelord detonates an entire sub-block with the killteam in it, crashing the whole thing down into a much deeper level of forgotten industrial waste and suspicious mutant-things...

>I want some kind of traitor in their midst that is sabotaging missions and until they realize something is up and roots the heresy out. Until then they will get slightly more complications to deal with. Question is how should I leave the breadcrumb trail so its logical to realize this?

The killteam presumably works for an Inquisitor, who likely has a lot of acolyte teams feeding him intelligence. One or more of these cells could have gone rogue. The killteam ends up being tasked with finding out which one is the culprit and eliminating it. Or eliminating all of them and letting the Emprah find his own.

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- Not realizing that 40k "canon" is just stuff that GW hasn't gotten around to contradicting yet.

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Ergo Proxy was a classic case of an animu using lolrandom as a substitute for plot, character development or theme. It's obvious that they basically had about three episodes' worth of "hey, what if we rip off Blade Runner, except Harrison Ford is a goth chick," and then couldn't come up with anything else. It goes nowhere, nobody changes meaningfully, and ends pointlessly.

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/tg/ I need your pictures of ridiculously over sized marines! any and all sorts, as long as they are just overwhelmingly bigger than cannon.

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And by Rogue Trader art, I mostly mean Rogue Trader fan art.

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i have a game set in narnia where the brittish invade it right before the first world war after noticing that its there that, unfortunately its on back burner

i got a gurps game set in a more modern variant of DND, where a large cataclysm froze the center of the continent... its magical nature is making it seep out to the other planes though and is slowly killing of large swatches of the multiverse

i got a game of vigilantism set in modern day detroit wich is going well besides a few team kills

i started up a DKOK army too for apocalypse but not sure if i got the cash for it

and i put in a lot of cash towards KOD wich a friend spotted me <3

thats about it

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The 'ravens regularly incorporate IG units into their battle formations and used scouts in a way that would make Rowboat scream: the loaned them out to IG pathfinder units (Elysian equipped drop troopers) as Lieutenant's. They also use Hospitalar Sisters as medics to supplement their own Apothecaries and IG tanks or their crews in marine vehicles to free up more brothers for foot-slogging duty, and SoB's to support sweep-and-clear actions.

Basically they are big on inter-force cohesion. Which is bad in 40k I guess.

I think it's cool.

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i like the idea of it being a wacky anime haha
like a harem comedy, the terran missionary surrounded but sororitas who constantly vie for his attention, but he's oblivious and thinks it's just amazing faith in empz

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You rang?

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It's pretty self-evident. Use a storm bolter in Rogue Trader, and shit gets ridiculous really fast.

Full auto, close range, you have a +30 to attack. Let's say you get a hit with three degrees of success--a very good roll, but not at all rare or unrealistic. That's four hits. The Storm quality means you hit with 8 bolts. Tearing means you roll twice for each bolt and take the highest. So you're rolling 16d10, taking the highest eight rolls, and adding 40 damage (1d10+5 damage, eight times). You're almost certain to roll 60-80 damage from that attack.

That's not even counting Emperor's Wrath or whatever. Your chance of rolling one or two zeros on 16d10 is really good.

Basically, core-book full auto gives you a bonus to hit, and a bonus to damage, and the only drawback is you use your ammo faster. (And that it's a full action, but whatever.) So there's no reason NOT to use burst or full-auto, ever.

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quick bump before I go to work, hopefully this doesn't die without a single post

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That's not the issue. The problem is the idea that the Explorator is like the TF2 Engineer, who can make guns and tanks and shit just by whacking a pile of metal with his wrench. Building stuff just doesn't work that way. Doing something like rebuilding a mostly-destroyed Chimera would take months, unless you had a whole factory setup dedicated to recovering destroyed vehicles.

If the Explorator wants to build crazy shit, then by all means, work that into the game. But if he thinks he's going to MacGuyver a bunch of awesome weapons and vehicles and such out of literally nothing, in literally only a few hours/days, he's just plain wrong.

You shouldn't have to be saying "no, I won't let you build that" to keep the challenge or balance in your game. You just have to treat such projects as the complicated and expensive undertakings they are.

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hmm...Admech accidentally shipped out fucked up gene seed from wolves and blood angels. Marine's chapter was fucked from the start as implants fail to mesh with each other and fight on a cellular level. everything is ok for a few generations or time span but then the aggression and insanity begins to take hold. Khorn is pleased. the blood runs. The WickerMen are born as a warband, stalking the red...red...forests of their home world. Completly feral. another chapter would have to protect the local populace. Couldnt bomb the forests that are red...because of the massive stores of promethum under them. too valuable to destroy, must be captured at all costs according to the administratum. They would fight like any horror movie monsters. striking from the shadows, pulling off people from the group one at a time, never fully seen.

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Well, Blood Angels already took EVERY DAMNED THING WE HAVE other than faith powers.

Honestly though, my thought is that a shit codex is not getting squatted. The codex is viable, and I've been running a "viable" codex since forever. I don't play the game to win tourneys, I play the game for fun with friends and at LGSs and have long since accepted that my niche army gets shat on for Marines.

But I enjoy myself. So what evs. New dex looks fun for a WD dex. I'm not trying to justify what is obviously a rushed and poorly planned half-finished codex. I'm just saying I'll enjoy it regardless, and I'll probably still win half the time.

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>bluntly, ripping her open with your dick

Women can take very big dicks, I mean a baby has to come out of there after all.

That aside, there's always the option of non-penetrative sex if your SW battle brother decides what he needs in life is a loli waifu.

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