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limiting this to only games i've played more than one session in

Favorite: Cyberpunk 2020
it used to be BESM2, but I've found I like the fact that the core rules model people on a human's power level in a point-buy system that isn't open-ended. I also love that gun combat is deadly, like in the real world, and that the rules themselves are rather simple. You learn how to roll the dice in 2 ways and then just go from there.

Least Favorite: All things d20/3.X D&D
I have played worse rule sets. I have played FAR WORSE rulesets. But none of them left my with a gamer's equivalent to PTSD like D&D 3rd-ed did. It is a rule system that just doesn't want you play it. Its like the rules exist only to stat things up with because once you sit down and start playing it becomes like dragging a bag of cement through the session.

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Continued from >>29585695

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How Shadowrun combat compare to Cyberpunk 2020? Better? Worse? Completely different?

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Cyberpunk 2020: what kind of house rules do you use for it, if any?

Seems like at a minimum skinweave armor needs to be nerfed.

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Well... in a sense.

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>Why would a spacefaring setting primarily use melee weapons?

So I'm starting up a space-based sci-fi game, homebew system. Thing is, blasters and ranged weapons in general are incredibly rare/inefficient, and while the group is fine with this we want to have a proper reason as to why fluffed out. So, when there are spaceships and robots and aliens, why would they resort to old-fashioned stabby stabby murder?

>Lasers dissipate quickly in air, making them useless in all but the closest of ranges. This would still allow for laser fights in space.
>Laser weapons require massive power sources to use. Again, would allow for spaceship lasers and stationary turrets.
>Everyone has personal energy shields to the point of there being no real reason to use lasers.
>They're just that damn expensive.

Sexy robots are always related.

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/tg/, I'm being overwhelmed by all the books I want to read. You're more helpful than /lit/ when it comes to non-Asimov sci-fi, anyways. Help me choose from one of these:

>The Quantum Thief
>Saturn's Children
Cosmonaut Keep
>Snow Crash
>The Reality Dysfunction

Why yes, I am into some sort of sci-fi novel involving space, cyberpunk, and/or robots.

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Sweet mother of mercys, that was insane.

Does this guy earn honorary android status?

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This looks amazing. I've been waiting 20 years for this game, and CDPR is looks like they will deliver.

Good times ahead.

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Wanna cyber?

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I am psyched as hell about the new video game AND the new game book!

>news conference about it on the18th

What, source?

I'd love to see a rules-lighter version of Interlock at some point too. Not full-on narrative or FATE or any of that, just a slimmed-down version without a zillion combat modifiers and updated to modern standards.

And awesome new, cutting-edge art (pic very related for its time).

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If they have art like this again, I'm all in.

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I'm hoping you'll be able to sleep with every android/robot/gynoid chick out there.

But seriously, CP2020 is a very lethal game, Friday Night Firefight is quite deadly unless you've got armor and know how to take cover, a single bullet to the noggin and you're pushing up daisies.

The Chromebooks had literally hundreds and hundreds of cyberware, gun, armor, clothing, customization, cyborg and gear options, and we will apparently be getting most of them in the vidya...it'll probably be an action-RPG shooter with a zillion gun customizations.

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Cyberpunk 4 better have this level of art on it. We need a visual apology for barbie punk.

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What's Barbiepunk?

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Yeah, but it's an amusing (and kinda sad at the same time) tale.

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No harm, no foul. Good to see it was just an honest mistake and you weren't seriously suggesting that, heh.


The Elctrolaser is a better idea (more ammo, the ElectroSoaker would be useless when it ran out of water), but it makes for a good jury-rigged weapon. Something you could see survivors of some sort of crisis utilizing.

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